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Name of Activity:

Let's Go Skating

Purpose of Activity:

To introduce young children to the movements of skating and spacial awareness while doing so.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Juggling Scarves

Description of Idea

This simple activity is one that keeps my entire class on task, all students are engaged, and I can adjust and add elements to differentiate the activity. This winter activity is met with enthusiasm and excitement. It is primarily for small classes as the kids will need your attention.

As you read the description, this activity can be for grades preschool through grade 2 by adding the additional skills. It can be used as a warm up and what I like is the entire class is actively engaged yet no students feels they are the focus.

NOTE: Please make sure to be safe when teaching this. Some floors will not work with this idea. Students who have trouble with the skill, I will hold their hand and skate with them. It is not long before they are on their own.

After our warm-up I discuss with my students the importance of exercise all year round. We”brain storm” ways to exercise in the winter and ice skating is always on the list. I give each student 2 juggling scarves (one for each foot). These are their ice skates. The juggling scarf is opened up to its square shape and the student places their foot in the center. I demonstrate how to slide on the floor just like skating on ice. I demonstrate how not to lift the foot to keep the scarf under their sneakers, keep arms out for balance and to shift body weight. When the music begins (Winter Wonderland, Sleigh Ride are great choices) the students begin to skate all over the gym.

Once they are comfortable skating you can add variations like these. Only add these if you see students are ready for it.

**Hold hands with a partner or groups of three and skate.

**Half the class has a stuffed animal or yarn ball and toss the ball to those without a ball or stuff animal. Once you catch it skate around and look for another classmate to toss to.

**Simple grade appropriate math equations are written on my white board to determine how many hold hands ex- 1+1=2 (partners) 2+1=3 (groups of 3)

By the time this lesson is done legs are tired, heart rate is up and additional skills have been taught.

Assessment Ideas:

After the activity I always discuss what muscle groups they felt and how do they feel. Are they tired, do their legs feel tired, can they feel their heart beating faster. These question open discussion on the importance of exercise and how the body reacts to activity.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

I will skate with my students who have difficulty with the skill. In addition I had a student in a wheel chair and they held the hands of the skaters a got to participate with the class.

Submitted by Katherine Hausler who teaches at Immaculate Conception School in Annandale, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/20/2016.
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Let's Go Skating

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Sal Caravella

I used this activity during my Winter Olympics Unit and it was a huge success. Great activity for balancing as well. AWESOME IDEA 👍🏻

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