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Name of Activity:

Partner Throwing Target Practice

Purpose of Activity:

Students will be able to demonstrate the correct technique for an overhand throw, for grade level.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Cones or gym tape to designate DO NOT CROSS line. As many balls as possible that can be thrown overhand by small hands of K-2 children - dependent on class size, up to 200 balls is ideal, the more balls to throw, the longer each round will last and the better the aerobic workout and more turns for each kid to throw overhand. Balls should not be hard in case a student is accidently struck by an errant throw. You will also need 20-30 targets to set up. I enjoy being creative, setting up a point system for each target, depending on level of difficulty. I use bowling pins on tables with beanbag animals resting on top, higher value targets hanging from and resting on top of basketball hoop (you probably need a ladder!!), larger and closer targets for lower skilled students and paper balls such as a folding mat standing up or a playhouse or a standing hoop, a great chance to use your imagination! You could even set up the targets with a holiday or other theme in mind.

Description of Idea

Divide class into pairs of students who spread out on a designated line at one end of the gym. All of the balls for throwing are in boxes or crates in gym center. The DO NOT CROSS line is on the far side of the gym and the students are instructed not to cross this line for any reason.

For safety reasons, students need to throw next to the line. If they throw from farther away, then others may get hit with an errant throw. Students need to respect and follow these safety rules!

To begin the activity, each pair of students take turns moving (skipping, sliding, galloping, etc.) to the center of the gym, taking one ball, continuing to the DO NOT CROSS line, stopping and throwing ball overhand at any of the targets. After a student throws, he/she returns to their partner waiting on the line who then repeats same routine.

If balls bounce off end wall into safe area, students are allowed to use one of these balls to throw. Keep playing until all of the balls remain on other side of DO NOT CROSS line, then to reset allow students to fetch and carry all of the balls to return to the boxes/crates in the gym center and play another round.


If enough room exists for safety, have students all participate at the same time without waiting for a turn while a partner throws.

Assessment Ideas:

This is an ideal, authentic opportunity for conducting overhand throwing assessments. Before activity begins, I go over correct technique for each grade level, and this is what I assess using a teacher checklist. You will need to remind students to stop and plant their feet before throwing overhand. Some students have difficulty avoiding a "run/throw"!

Teaching Suggestions:

Wadded up scrap paper can be used as balls for this activity.

Submitted by Dave Isenberg who teaches at Millville Elementary School in Millville, MA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/5/2017.
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Partner Throwing Target Practice

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