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Name of Activity:

Personal Wellness Inventory

Purpose of Activity:

To analyze how some health risk behaviors can influence the likelihood of engaging in unhealthy behaviors and to develop a plan to attain a personal health goal that addresses strengths, needs, and risks.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Personal Wellness Inventory (Excel File)
My Wellness Person
My Wellness Triangle Activity
Personal Inventory Scoring Directions

Description of Idea

Teacher staples all attachments (see above in materials section) together for each student or assignments can be given individually as well.

Teacher starts the lesson discussing the 3 sides of the Health Triangle (physical, mental, and social health). This can be done in an instant activity/bellwork or a classroom activity. The assignments are done by the students to evaluate their own personal health.

The Personal Wellness Inventory is a survey type of activity, where the students evaluate their own personal wellness based on their physical, mental, and social health. Once this is completed the students can score, using the attached Scoring Directions, to score each section to see how their physical, mental, and social health is. This is a good way for students to reflect on their own personal overall health in the 3 areas of the health triangle.

Once students have their scores, they can use their scores to answer the questions on the My Wellness Triangle Activity worksheet. On this worksheet students will first list their strengths in each section of the health triangle (physical, mental, and social health). They will then reflect on their scores to answer the other questions on this assignment.

The final assignment is the “my wellness person”. The students will use 2 different colors to fill in their wellness person. One color pen/marker/crayon will be used for writing healthy choices, and the other for unhealthy choices. The students can refer to their personal wellness inventory scores for ideas on what they scored as healthy and as unhealthy. Behaviors will be written on the inside of the body and influences outside the body. As a teacher you can change this to any directions you would like, and you can set a number maybe 5 unhealthy behaviors and 5 healthy. It’s up to the teacher to decide the expectations within this assignment.

All three assignments are related to each other and focus on the 3 areas of the health triangle (physical, mental, and social health). This assignment can be used as a packet or individual assignments, and can be given over multiple days, one day, or as homework because no other materials are needed.

Teaching Suggestions:

After doing this lesson, your students will understand…

• the barriers and the impact of those barriers to healthy decision making
• the impact of healthy and unhealthy decisions
• the effectiveness of health-related decisions – monitoring personal health habits and identifying influences
• the importance of personal health practices and overall health status
• the strategies and progress in achieving a personal health goal
• the role of individual responsibility in enhancing health

Submitted by Laura Melde who teaches at Copper Canyon High School in Glendale, AZ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/3/2016.
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Personal Wellness Inventory

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Vicki Fruetel

Great use for seeing where students are at in their won health maintenance journey.

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This was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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Had an older version, plan on using this! Thanks Laura!

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