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Students will begin by spreading out in general space. Each student will pick one out of three locomotor skills to began the instant activity. Make sure none of them choose running. They can choose to be a horse that can only move by galloping, a bunny that can only move by jumping or a cheetah and can only move by running.

The teacher will call out "daytime" which is a signal for all animals to travel through general space using their specific locomotor skill. Suddenly, the teacher will yell "nightime" and students will quickly curl up on the gym floor and pretend like they are sleeping animals until the teacher yells daytime!

Continue to play for a few minutes. Have them change speeds, pathways, levels, etc.

Submitted by Lily Tucker in Sacramento, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/8/2016.
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Kimberli Crawford

I love this game idea, but you have a mistake here

"Make sure none of them choose running."

"cheetah and can only move by running."
;) Thank you for all the great ideas!

Kevin Tiller

The description says that no student may run, yet one of the options is to run. Also, this may be a nit picky thing but bunnies jump, not hop. Jump is with two feet, hopping is with one.

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