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Name of Activity:

The Price is Right

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Equipment for as many teams as you wish to have.
For 5 teams you will need 5 foam dice or small dice work too.
5 sets of spots numbered 1-6. You can use paper plates and write the numbers on them.

Description of Idea

This is a great warm up activity for one class of 25 or for large classes. This game can also be played in a small space or a classroom if needed.


Divide you class into 5 equal (teacher can do this ahead of time) teams and start each group behind a cone.

Place the spots on the other side of the gym face up so you can see the numbers.

First player in each group rolls a die and moves (e.g., skipping, leaping, hopping, etc.-don't use running) to the other side of the gym to find the numbered spot that was rolled. Student brings the spot back to his team.

Next player can roll the die as soon as the player comes back. The second player runs to the other side of the gym and searches for the numbered spot matching the die.

The next player rolls. If the student rolls the die, but they already have the spot, this player must return the spot to the other side of the gym.

The activity is over when all 6 spots are collected.


You can add a second die, with a locomotor skill on it that they have to use for that turn.

You could add exercises to the activity. For example, if they rolled a number they already had or rolled the same number twice, etc.

Incorporate some math on those plates (e.g. "2 X 3"=6, etc.)

Change the locomotor movement each trip down.

Place all spots face down so students have to remember where the number spots they need are.

Have students roll die and put chips on a grid next to a number instead of running if mobility is an issue.

Submitted by Sylvia Scozzari who teaches at Auten Road Intermediate School in Hillsborough, NJ. Additional authors for this idea were Jack Casey. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/16/2016.
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The Price is Right

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