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Name of Activity:

Dangerous Line Dance

Purpose of Activity:

To challenge students to perform a 40 count line dance remembering the sequence and staying with the rhythm of the song.


Participation in shorter line dances and knowledge of 8 counts.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Music player.

Recommended music:

Dangerous by Before You Exit

Beginning dance formation:

Lines with "windows". Spacing so students are not standing directly behind another student.

Description of Idea

First 8 counts - 4 jumps in place with fist pumps overhead for 4 counts and 4 jumps with hands shaking in front of your body for 4 counts.

Second 8 counts - Grapevine right (step R, behind L, step R, touch L) with arms alternating biceps curl movements and grapevine left (step L, behind R, step L, touch R) with arms alternating biceps curls.

Third 8 counts - Point to the right for 4 counts starting above your head and ending by your side. Point to the left for 4 counts starting above your head and ending by your side.

Fourth 8 counts - Swish hands out to the right next to your head for 4 counts (moving hands in a circular motion). Swish hands out to the left next to your head for counts 5-8(moving hands in a circular motion).

Fifth 8 counts - Squat twice for 4 counts. Swivel L knee towards center and out for 2 counts Then swivel R knee towards center and out for 2 counts.

See video below to follow along in your classroom!


Try a different line formation - two lines facing each other.

Assessment Ideas:

After creating an observational checklist ask half of the class to perform the dance while the other half assesses the dance. Students can then switch roles.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

This dance is great for a student with a lower body mobility issue because it contains many upper body movements. You could modify the lower body movements so the dance utilizes all upper body movements!!


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Dangerous Line Dance

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Previous Comments:

Suzannah Coelho

My 7th grade PE class loved this dance! It was fun and simple to teach. I let them watch the video, and then reviewed it quickly. They were dancing along in no time! Thanks to the students at Rhode Island College for a quality resource.


It was amazing and interesting.

valerie prim

look so forward to doing this with my Elementary students

Mark Housel

AWESOME - Love it! Can't wait to try it!


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