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Name of Activity:

Poly Spot Basketball Pivot

Activity cues:

Plant pivot foot, turn foot 90 degrees in new direction


Lessons on pivoting so they would have practiced this skill

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Poly spots, basketballs

Description of Idea

Spread poly spots out around the gym (equal to the number of students in the class). Have students start by dribbling around the court. On the teacher's command, the students will dribble to a poly spot, plant one foot, pick up their dribble, and pivot around the spot. Once the teacher gives another command, the students can start dribbling again and moving around the court. Encourage students to pivot on a different foot each time. After a few rounds, remove a poly spot or two. The students that are without a spot must dribble to the sideline and complete a predetermined exercise to the game.


Try without a ball first

Have kids use different ball skills (around the waist, around both legs, around right leg then left leg (reverse too), low dribbles, figure eights...) as some of the sideline activities for the older students

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Poly Spot Basketball Pivot

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i love this website im am a year9 student and i found it really good

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