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Name of Activity:

Waltzing Line Dance

Purpose of Activity:

To introduce students to dance rhythms that are in sets of 3 counts or � time.

Suggested Grade Level:


Recommended music:

Any song that has a 3:4 tempo including �You Look So Good in Love� by George Strait, �Kiss from a Rose� by Seal, �Take it To the Limit� by the Eagles, �What the World Needs Now� by Dionne Warwick.

Beginning dance formation:

Student can be placed randomly around the room with the dance performed as a line dance. The dance can also be done with a partner as demonstrated in the video.

Description of Idea

The dance is a series of 6 count combinations. The motion of the steps are done with a �down, up, up� movement. There are turns of 90, 180 and 270 degrees. You can use the various turns to reinforce the math concept of the number of degrees in �, � and � of a circle.

NOTE: This dance can be done with a partner. The part written is the part for the lead. The follower will start with the opposite foot and execute the steps in opposition. This is also demonstrated in the video.

Combination #1 � 12 counts
1-6 Step forward on the L foot with the L knee slightly flexed (1), Step RL (2-3) rising up onto the toes. Step back with the R foot with the R knee slightly flexed (4), Step LR (5-6) rising up onto the toes.
Repeat this 6 count combination for a total of 12 counts. Cue with the words �Forward 2-3, back 2-3�. This is a basic waltz step.

Combination #2 � 12 counts
1-6 Step forward with the L foot with the knee slightly flexed and make a 180 degree turn, (� of a circle) to the L (1), Step RL rising up onto the toes (2-3) You are now facing the wall behind you. Staying in place step back with the R foot (4) with the R knee slightly flexed, step LR (5-6) rising up onto the toes.

Cue with �Turn 2,3 and stay 2,3 � Turn 2,3 and stay 2,3�

Repeat this step so that you are now facing the original wall that you were facing at the beginning of the dance.

Combination #3 � 18 counts
1-9 Step L crossing the L leg over the R (1) Step RL (2-3) Do a 3 step turn to the R, stepping RLR (4,5,6) and turning 270 degrees. You will now be facing the wall that was to the L. Rock forward on to the L foot (7), rock back and step RL while turning to face the original wall. Reverse this step by starting with R foot and crossing over the L leg.

Cue with �Cross 2,3, turn 2,3 and rock 2,3�

Combination #4
You are now facing the original wall where you started. Step to the side with L foot (slightly flexing the knee) step together RL (1,2,3). Step wide with the R foot (slightly flexing the knee) step together LR while making a � turn to the L.

Repeat the dance facing the wall that was to your L. You will do the dance to each wall.

Assessment Ideas:

Allow plenty of practice time so students feel comfortable with the challenge of learning a new type of rhythm. After they have learned it as a 4 wall line dance challenge half of them to learn the follow part and do the combinations with a partner.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

If children have cognitive disabilities introduce them to the � rhythm and ask them to walk forward, back, or side to side using the 3 count rhythm. The turns do not have to be included.


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Waltzing Line Dance

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