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Name of Activity:

Get On Board!

Purpose of Activity:

For students to have fun and get exercise while working cooperatively with their classmates!!

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

28 plastic cups, 28 poly spots, 21 buckets, 30 sponges, 13 large plastic tubs, 4 plastic fish bowls, 32 small rubber fish, 2 rubber monkeys or stuffed sock monkeys, 1 stopwatch, 90 large cardboard blocks, 8 foam paddles, 5 hoops, 4 rubber hearts, 4 relay batons, 4 plastic carrots, 4 plastic eggs, 4 beanbag animals, 4 deck rings, 4 rubber chickens, 4 small jump ropes, 200 popsicle sticks, 15 burlap sacks, 100 plastic ants, 100 small plastic balls (25 of each color), 4 plastic lacrosse sticks, 6 sets of magnetic alphabet letters, 6 small whiteboards, 6 small baskets, 4 plastic toy ships

Description of Idea

This field day is based on board games which are usually sit down rainy day type activities. We thought of popular board games which kids can relate to and turned them into outside moving games.

Here are the following board games that were turned into moving games!!

  1. Tumbling Jengas!-Divide the class into 4 groups and place behind a cone. Place the 90 blocks in a pile about 50 feet in front of the groups. First student runs to the blocks and grabs one and brings it back and places it on the ground. Continue in relay fashion stacking the blocks on top, etc. Play for 3 minutes and highest tower is the winner. Or if a team wants to stop before 3 minutes they may do that also. Emphasize that, "If you had fun, you won!"

  2. Barrel of Monkeys!- Students are divided into 2 teams and stand on 2 large circles on polyspots. Object is how many times can the rubber monkey be passed around the circle in 2 minutes? Variation, take a step back after each round or older students can even toss the monkey to each other. Also can throw in a pattern-rule is that first person that tossed the monkey must receive it again at the end and they may not pass to anyone directly to either side of them. They would practice this before it is a contest.

  3. Battleship!-Prior to field day super glue 4 plastic boats in the bottom of buckets. 4 relay lines and object of game is to sink the ship by getting the water over the top of it.Each student is given a plastic cup. Full bucket of water at the front of line and boat bucket at the back. First person fills cup with water and must dump it over their shoulder to the waiting cup of the next person and etc. The last person runs to the front and this continues until the battleship has sunk.

  4. Go Fish!-Place 4 plastic tubs with water and 8 fish each at one end of playing area. Place 4 cones and one fish bowl at the other end. Students are in 4 relay lines. First student picks up fish bowl and runs to the tub filled with water. They fill up their bowl with water and 1 fish. They place on their head and run back to the start and dump the water and fish in their empty bucket. Team with most water in bucket at start is winner.

  5. Pick Up Sticks!-Students are divided into 2 teams and lined up on opposite sides of large playing area. Place 200 popsicle sticks in the middle of the playing area. Remind students of safety, "Heads Up and Eyes Open". Students get one stick at a time and bring back to their 4 empty containers. Continue until all sticks are collected. Have students or parent volunteers count the sticks in each container. Older kids can add totals on a whiteboard. Team with most is the winner.

  6. Ants in Your Pants!-Place one sack and a bucket of 25 plastic ants at each cone. Divide into 4 groups and stand behind cone. First 4 students from each line form partners and each puts one foot in their sack-like the 3 legged race. They may each have 2 ants in their hands. Partners will move as a team and try to place the ants in other team's pants-the sacks. Teams may dodge to get away but may not use hands to block the ants. If they use their 2 ants they may go back and get 2 more. Play for 3 minutes and switch groups. With younger kids you can just have them sack race to a bucket, pick up 2 ants and sack race back to the next person in line.

  7. Hungry, Hungry, Hippos!-Place 4 colored tubs 50 yards away from the 4 starting cones. Place 4 cones around each tub to designate tossing line. Scatter 100 colored balls-25 of each color in the area. (The tubs should match the ball colors.) Class is divided into 4 teams. Put a lacrosse stick-the specialized handling device at each start cone. The hippos in the zoo-the tubs are hungry. The zookeeper can only feed them with specialized equipment-the lacrosse sticks. Assign each team a color. First person in line runs, scoops up their colored meatball and runs to throwing line. If they miss they leave it there and if inside throwing area teacher may throw it out. First team that feed all 25 to their hippo is the winner.

  8. Scrabble!-Place 6 cones in a large circle formation around a hula hoop. Place 6 sets of magnetic alphabet letters in the hoop. Divide into 6 teams and place each behind a cone. Put a small whiteboard at each cone to form words on. One student at a time runs to the middle, grabs a random letter and brings back to their team. Continue until all letters are gone. 3rd -5th then must arrange their letters in scrabble formation and most words is the winner. 1st and 2nd can just spell as many words as possible and kindergarten can just count their letters.

  9. Operation!-Prior to kids arriving objects are scattered in the area. Use 4 of whatever you have, I used rubber heart balls, rhythm sticks to represent bones, beanbag turtles, plastic carrots, deck rings, plastic eggs, rubber chickens and small jump ropes representing the intestines. Kids are divided into 4 teams, placed behind a cone with the objects they will be finding listed. There is also a hula hoop there and each team is given 2 foam paddles. The first person runs to the area and pick up 1 item by squeezing it between the 2 paddles. If they drop it they pick it up again and bring back to their hoop. They must only bring one of each item to their team. First team to collect all 8 is the winner.

I emphasize in all of the games that.. IF YOU HAD FUN, YOU WON!!

Submitted by Bonnie Rodgers who teaches at Crestview Elementary School in Carlisle, PA. Additional authors for this idea were Laura Larsen, Sean Lehman, Rossalyn Vanderlyke. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/23/2015.
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Get On Board!

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