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Name of Activity:

Shake It Off! Dance

Purpose of Activity:

Introduce students to dance combinations that challenge the brain to learn patterns and sequences. Challenge them to stay with the rhythm of the song.

Materials Needed:

Music player

Recommended music:

Shake It Off! by Taylor Swift

Beginning dance formation:

Spread out in own space in activity area.

Description of Idea

The dance has movements that go with certain parts of the song. They are repeated as that portion of the song is repeated.

Hold for 16 counts and begin the verse combinations:

Combination #1

1-8 Scoop low, hands in front, step out with the R foot 2x, L foot 2x (repeat each)

1-8 Scoop low, hands in front, step out with the R foot 2x – Looking L pull hands with elbows out across chest (5-6) nod head (7-8)

Repeat beginning on the L side

Combination #2 – Hammer step

1-8 Fists in the air with elbows flexed and forearms up – pump 4x

1-8 Angle body to R and push both hands out-in-out hold (1-4) Repeat to the L this time beginning with in-out-in hold (5-8)

Repeat both sets of 8.

Combination #3

1-8 Step out to R throwing hands up (pretend you are asking “why?”) and bring hands back down to hips (1-4) move shoulders RLRL (5-8)

Reverse moving to the L side first. Repeat the combination on both sides for a total of 32 counts.

Chorus Combinations:

Combination #1

1-8 With arm extended snap R fingers above the head, with arm extended snap R fingers out to the side (1-4) Circle hips for 4 counts

1-8 Reverse to the L side

Combination #2

1-8 Shake both hands low to the L side (1-2) Shake both hands above head (3-4) Jump 4x in a circle (5-8)

Repeat the combination 1 more time for 16 count total

Combination #3

1-8 Shake hands high and to the L 2x (1-2) Shake hands high and to the R 2x (3-4), Shake hands low and to the L 2x (5-6) Shake hands low and to the R 2x (7-8)

1-8 Starting with hands above the head shake them slowly down to the knees.

Repeat combination 2x for 32 counts

Repeat the verse combinations.

Repeat the chorus combinations. This chorus is longer and you will need to repeat

Combination 1 and 2 a second time.

Combinations for talking/rapping part of the song:

1-8 Walk forward RLRL (2 counts each)

1-8 Walk back RLRL (2 counts each)

Repeat moving forward and back

1-8 Hop RLR (1-3) hold (4) and reverse LRL (5-7) hold (8)

Repeat 4x for a total of 32 counts

Repeat all of the chorus combinations 2x through. End the song by repeating chorus combination #3 two extra times.

Assessment Ideas:

Allow plenty of practice time so students feel comfortable and challenge them to do the dance all the way through with minimal or no mistakes. During the rapping/talking part of the song let the students choreograph their own movements.

Teaching Suggestions:

Feel free to change these combinations to make them easier or add to them to make them more challenging. Students can be encouraged to add their own variations and style. Younger students can be taught fewer of the combinations and allowed to repeat them more times.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Adaptations for children in wheelchairs: Almost all of the movements can be done with arms only. Encourage the children to try and stay with the rhythm and have fun with the movements.


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Shake It Off! Dance

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I'm doing this with my dance group 4 gym and we think some parts are really cringe but over all amazing dance with cool song

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