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Name of Activity:

Shake it Senora

Purpose of Activity:

Students will participate in a rhythm activity using maracas as well as learn to mirror movements and do movements in opposition.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

A set of maracas or some type of shaker for each student. If there are not enough shakers for each student to have a set the dance can be performed with each student having one maraca.

Recommended music:

Shake Senora by the Hit Crew (from the CD Drews Pizza Party Music). It is also sometimes called Jump in the line by Kid Drew and the Kids

Beginning dance formation:

Students should be arranged in partners and spread arond the gym floor. Partners will be standing side by side for the beginning of the dance.

Description of Idea

Step 1 - Counts 1-4, repeated 4x for total of 16 counts. Partners facing forward.

Shake both maracas above the right shoulder (1)
Shake both maracas above the left shoulder (2)
Shake both maracas down near the right knee (3)
Shake both maracas down near the left knee (4)
Advanced movers can move feet along with arms (forward R then L, back R then L)
Repeat these counts 3 more times for a total of 16 counts. On count 16 turn and face your partner.

Step 2 - Counts 1-8. Repeat this combination 2x for a total of 16 counts.

Both partners raise R macaras and touch together 2x (12)
Both partners raise L macaras and touch together 2x (3-4)
Shake maracas high to the sky (5-6)
Shake maracas low toward the floor (7-8)
On last count (16) turn and face the front of the room.

Step 3 Counts 1-4. Repeat 4x for a total of 16 counts

"Shake from head to toe!"
Students will reach as high as possilbe (on tip-toes) and shake maracas (1-2)
Students will squat as low as possible as shake maracas (3-4)
Allow student to personalize this movement and "shake from head to toe".
On last count turn and face partner.

Step 4 During this step students will learn to mirror and to move in opposition. Repeat 8 count combination 2x for a total of 16 counts.

Mirroring movements:

Partners will mirror one another and both lean towards the front of the room and shake miracas 2x (1-2)
Partners will mirror one another and both lean towards the back of the room and shake miracas 2x(3-4)
The next movements are done in opposition:
One partner will lean back while the other partner leans forward. Shake maracas 2x (5-6)
Partners will reverse the movement and lean in the opposite direction as counts 5-6 and shake the maracas 2x (7-8)
Repeat this combination

Repeat the entire dance until the end of the song.


Allow students to personalize the combinations and add their own interpretations to the movements especially the "shake from head to toe" segment.

Assessment Ideas:

After practice students should be able to perform all the movements in the proper order staying with the music.

Ask students to create their own shakers. This might be a great opportunity to work with your art teacher and work on a project together.

Research the history of maracas to find out what types of materials were originally used to create shakers.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Children in wheelchairs could do all of the movements and move chair forward or backward. Children with cognitive disabilities could peform the movements to every 2 beats thus slowing down the steps.


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Shake it Senora

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