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Name of Activity:

Popsicle Island

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

100 popsicle sticks of a specific color (Red), 100 popsicle sticks of a specific color (Blue), poly spots, 4 buckets, enough red and blue pinnies for each student.

Description of Idea

Note: It is best to not use running as your locomotor skill for this activity. Use other locomotor movements such as walking, skipping, sliding, etc. Also, go over safety of carrying the popsicle sticks safely.

Place a bucket full of 100 red popsicle sticks next to an empty bucket behind a basketball baseline. This same setup will be used on the opposite side of the gym but with the blue popsicle sticks inside one of the buckets. Poly spots will be placed randomly on both sides of the floor.

Split the class in half. One group will wear the red pinnies while the other half of the class will wear the blue pinnies. To begin, the blue team will start on the side of the gym with the bucket full of red popsicle sticks and the red team will begin on the side of the gym with the bucket full of blue popsicle sticks. The goal for each team is to make it to the other side of the floor and retrieve one popsicle stick (blue will retrieve blue; red will retrieve red) at a time and bring it back to their side without getting tagged. For example, if a student on the blue team can successfully make it across the gym and back with a blue popsicle stick without getting tagged, he or she may drop the stick into the empty bucket for a point. After 3 minutes, the activity is over and teams will count how many sticks they were able to get from the other side.

Poly spots may be used as bases (or not used at all).


Use strips of cloth or other items instead of popsicle sticks.

The teacher can have the students use a variety of locomotor skills to cross the gym. Directions and pathways can also be utilized.

For large classes designate a third group of three or four students who actually hang out on the polyspot "islands" and run out and tag the red and blue players. If they tag them they collect their sticks and take the sticks back to their islands. Then, a whole new strategy comes into play.

Scatter the sticks on the floor or in a hoop at each end, rather then everyone (especially big classes) trying to get to the same bucket.

Teaching Suggestions:

-If a student gets tagged without a stick, he or she must start over from the original side of the court. However, if a student gets tagged with a stick, the student can simply keep the stick and start over at the bucket where the stick was grabbed.

-Students may stand on the poly spots as a "safe zone" for 3-5 seconds.

-Once behind a baseline, students cannot get tagged while they are either picking up a stick or depositing one for a point. Also, defenders may not stand behind the baseline to guard their popsicle sticks.

Submitted by Kelly Lane who teaches at Indian Trail Intermediate School in Johnson City, TN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/14/2014.
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Popsicle Island

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