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Name of Activity:

100th Day Activities

Purpose of Activity:

The students will work together and individually to complete a variety of fitness and sport related activities that involve the number 100.


Students should have prior knowledge of a variety of fitness and sport related activities.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Jump ropes, hula hoops, basketballs, large beach balls, footballs, kicking tees, 100 small plastic balls of a variety of colors, a large parachute, a score board, and a music source.

Description of Idea

Begin the class by congratulating the students on being at school for 100 days. Explain that most of the activities are accomplished as a team and some are accomplished as an individual. If the total number of students ranges between 15-17 I use the the number 6 as a multiplier, if the total number of students ranges between 18-22, I use 5 as a multiplier. Higher then 22, I use 4 as a multiplier.

For this list of activities I will use 5 as the multiplier to make 100.
(1) 100 laps (5 each student),
(2) As a class 100 push ups (5 each),
(3) As a class 100 curl ups (5 each),
(4) As an individual 100 seconds of V-Sit stretch,
(5) 100 seconds of hula hoop around the waist,
(6) 100 seconds of hula hoop around the arm or jump through,
(7) 100 seconds of jump rope forward,
(8) 100 seconds of jump rope backward,
(9) 100 bounces of the basketball (individual counts)
(10) 100 points on the scoreboard (each basket made counts as 2 points),
(11) 100 balls on the parachute (shake the parachute to bounce them off like popcorn),
(12) 100 points of football kickoffs (each round of kickoffs is worth 25 points),
(13) 100 volleys of the beach balls (each volley is worth 5), and
(14) 100 seconds of choice (the individual chooses an activity)

I tell the students we have 100 things to do so we move from one activity to the next as fast as possible. Encourage counting out loud as a team and counting down the seconds.

Assessment Ideas:

Teacher observation. Check them for proper form.

Teaching Suggestions:

Add a self check prompt card of each activity for those kids that may need reminder of how to perform the task. Write all the activities on a white board and then complete the math calculations at the end of class.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Change the basketball for a rubber or foam ball. Could also have lower BB goals. Hula hoop modification of having hoop on the ground and jumping in and out of it, and jump rope modifier (JR on ground, jump over it.) Assist where needed during the activities.

Submitted by Russell Laub who teaches at Bessie Weller Elem. School in Staunton, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/1/2014.
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100th Day Activities

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