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Name of Activity:

"What's On My Plate?"

Purpose of Activity:

Students will be able to identify what foods belong in each food group. Students will demonstrate 4 locomotor skills such as skipping, galloping, jogging, and jumping as they move around the gym. Students will be able to explain what 2 things their bodies need to be in a healthy body balance.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

5 colored cones,"My Food Plate" giant cut out

Description of Idea

Classes will enter the gymnasium and sit in a different corner of the gym. Each area will be marked with a different colored cone, and the colored cones will correlate to the colors on the food pyramid. The teacher will ask a series of questions and students will be prompted to move to the spot in the gym where they think the answer is.
Question Examples:
1. If I was a ripe banana what food group would I be in? Please Gallop to where you think the answer is.
2. If I was a piece of chicken what food group would I be in? Please jog to where you think the answer is.
3. If I was a crunchy carrot what food group would I be in? Please jump to where you think the answer is.
4. If I was a loaf of bread what food group would I be in? Please skip to where you think the answer is.
5. If I was a creamy yogurt what food group would I be in? Please jog to where you think the answer is.
Teacher discusses why students are where they are, and corrects and misinformed information.
Teacher asks, "Besides eating healthy, What else do we need for our body to be in a healthy body balance?"
Answer. Exercise
Teacher: When you hear the music students will perform a pre-learned exercise in self space for 10 sec. When music stops have students put hand over heart and show how its beating. Explain when we exercise our heart beats faster and we get healthier.
Have all student repeat, "Healthy heart, Eat smart, Exercise completes the part!"

Assessment Ideas:

Teacher observation, see how many students know the different parts of the food pyramid
Checklist for gross motor skills- Who can perform who can not?
Give me 5: Ask students to name a part of the food pyramid and a food that belongs in that group. Use fingers once we get to 5 move on
Teacher observation: have students make a scale with their body with one side being nutrition and other being exercise putting their bodies in healthy body balance!

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"What's On My Plate?"

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