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Name of Activity:

Hungry Snowman Toss/Throw

Purpose of Activity:

Students will learn how to toss underhand, stepping with the opposite foot, while being introduced to the concept of effort/force.

Activity cues:

Face your target
step with your opposite foot towards the target
use a pendulum arm motion with the arm you are throwing with
follow through-hand pointing at target


Students should know "right and left" and understand the meaning of "opposite."

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

15 hula hoops (if you have different sizes, use 5 small, 5 medium, 5 large), 50 or more beanbags, a container for the beanbags, poly-spots (at least as many as there are students).

Description of Idea

Set up:

Around the gym, arrange the hula hoops into 5 "Snowmen" with a head, middle, and bottom. Arrange the poly-spots at various distances away from the "snowmen." They will represent "icebergs." Place beanbags ("ice cubes") inside a large container at one end of the gym, called the "Igloo."


Explain and demonstrate the proper underhand toss, using the cues above. Tell students that when standing on an "iceberg" farther away from the snowman, they need to use more effort, or force. They can do that by swinging arm back farther, and releasing it later, so the arm is above the waist. When standing closer to the snowman, the release should be sooner, with the arm below the waist.

Say the following to the students as you demonstrate the underhand toss: "What do snowmen eat? Ice cubes! Step on the iceberg to feed the snowman. When you throw the ice cube (beanbag) and it lands inside the belly of the snowman (the middle hoop) you can go to the igloo to get another ice cube. Find a different snowman, another iceberg, and try again until all the ice cubes are gone. If you miss the belly of the snowman, just pick up the ice cube and try again. Practice stepping with the opposite foot."

Assessment Ideas:

When students are lined up to leave the gym, ask the following questions for understanding: "What foot steps forward when you toss?" "What happens when you release the beanbag below the waist? What happens when you release the beanbag above the waist?"

Use a checklist containing the underhand toss cues to check for proper form during activity.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities can have a beanbag or other object attached to a tether. If the target is missed, the student can retrieve it and try again.

Submitted by Sophia Bishop who teaches at Sophia Bishop in Woburn, MA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/8/2014.
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Hungry Snowman Toss/Throw

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