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Name of Activity:

Once Upon a Field Day

Purpose of Activity:

To further enhance the love of reading and moving in the students! To also integrate academic subjects such as spelling.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Materials vary per event. See below.

Description of Idea

Students travel to each station as a group and participate in the activity as a class. Stations are as follows:

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    12 small cones to mark a circle, 50 yarn balls (the chocolate), stopwatch, big tub-the mixing bowl, 15 lollipop paddles.

    Divide the class into 2 teams. Charlie Bucket and Family and the Oompa Loompas. The object of the game is to use the paddles to hit the chocolate into the mixing bowl.On the signal to go, Buckets or Oompa Loompas (the students), run and pick up a piece of chocolate and try to hit it into the bowl from outside the coned off circle. Any balls that land inside coned area, may be picked up and hit again from outside the circle. The object of the game is based on time of how many pieces of chocolate can you get in the mixing bowl in 2 minutes. Other groups should shout encouragement and then it is their turn.

  2. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

    Equipment: 6 sets of fridge alphabet magnets, 6 cones, 6 small whiteboards and pens, 6 small baskets for letters, 1 hula hoop.

    Place 6 cones in circular formation. In middle of the circle, place hula hoop and all letters inside. Divide students into 6 teams and place behind a cone. On the signal to go, the first person from each line runs in and grabs a random letter. When all the letters are gone, give students 3-4 minutes to spell as many words as possible. Challenge: 4th grade and older, can spell in scrabble formation and connect their words.

  3. Curious George

    Equipment: 4 rubber monkeys, 4 yellow hats, (I bought cheap ones and spray painted them yellow), 4 small parachutes and 4 cones.

    Place 4 cones at one end of area and 4 hats at other. Divide class into 4 teams and give each one a small parachute and a monkey. The object of the game is to fling "Curious George" to the hat. The students must work as a team to do this. On signal, the teacher says, "bananas". The students start flinging. Wherever George lands, the team runs to him cooperatively and flings again. Continue until they hit the hat. Place George under the hat and run back to the start and cheer the other teams on.

  4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    Equipment: 6 cones to create a center line, 2 large tubs,variety of items to toss safely-yarn balls, rubber fruits and veggies.

    Scatter the food on both sides of the center line. Divide into 2 teams and put each on one side. The object of the game is to throw the items into the other teams yard. They want to have the least amount in their yard when the storm is over. When the time is up, place all foods into the tubs. Assign a weather boy and girl to count items. For older students, have them catch items thrown and put in their rain gauge collection tub. Their goal is to be the team with the most food.

  5. The Lorax

    Equipment: 16 bowling pins (truffula trees), 40 yarn balls (truffula fruits), 16 buckets to place pins on, 6 cones to divide area in half.

    Place 8 buckets upside down at back of each side of area and place a bowling pin on each of the truffula trees. Divide the students into 2 teams and place each on one side of middle. Each student may also start with a yarn ball. On the signal to go, the students try to knock the other team's trees down before yours are knocked down. If a fruit is caught in the air, that person may replant a tree. Students may guard a tree but only for the count of 1 truffula, 2 truffula, 3 truffula. The game is over when all of the trees on one side are chopped down.

  6. Magic Tree House

    Equipment: 2 foam balance beams (the surfboards)and 1 rope

    Divide the class into 2 teams, Jack and Annie. Within the group, divide into 3's. If there is an uneven number, a teacher may play. The object of the game is not tug of war, but to make the other team lose their balance by pulling or not pulling on the rope. You might let students practice first. The game begins with the signal of, "Hang Ten". When a student from either team falls off, the next 3 students from each team, will take their turn.

  7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Equipment: 12 square beanbags, 12 yarn balls, 12 tennis balls, 12 animal beanbags, 4 different color equipment bags, 4 start cones and 4 jump ropes

    Place 4 cones to designate relay lines and place a rope by each. Scatter all objects in the area. Divide into 4 groups and assign one object to collect.The caterpillar is hungry and must gather food. Students must each hold onto rope on the same side. The first person is the head of the caterpillar and the last person is the stomach who will hold the bag. The first person takes the group to the food and passes it from person to person to the stomach. The stomach puts it into the bag. The stomach passes the bag to the person in front and runs to the front to be the head. The game repeats until all of their food is collected. The team then runs back to the cone and encourages other caterpillars.

  8. Where the Wild Things Are

    Equipment: 15 sacks and 4 cones

    Place 2 cones at start and 2 cones at finish. Students are grouped in partners and will be a 2-headed-3 legged WILD THING! Each student will put their inside leg inside sack and practices moving. They may count or say, "inside/outside" to designate which leg should move. On the signal to go, yell out, "Let the Wild Rumpus Begin". They race to the finish line cooperatively as partners. They must be in the upright position when they finish.

  9. Harry Potter/Quidditch

    Equipment: 4 golf tubes or noodles, 20 gatorskin balls, 4 hoop targets. The noodles are in a circular shape attached to poles which are placed in cones, 8 cones, 4 tubs for quaffles, 4 hoops

    Divide into 4 teams: Hufflepuff,Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw.
    Place 4 cones for start and 4 for throwing lines which can vary by age. At the throwing line, place an empty hoop. Place a bucket with 5 quaffles at each start line and the noodle. On signal, "Let the Quidditch Match Begin". The first person in each line sits on their noodle, grabs a quaffle and runs to throwing line. They attempt to throw the quaffle through the hoop target. If they make it, they place it in the hoop and run back to start. if they miss, they pick it up, run back and then it is the next person's turn. The object of the game is to get 5 quaffles in your hoop.

  10. Guiness Book of World Records

    Equipment: 1 long jump rope and cones for the start

    Students form a signal line facing rope and run through, (no jumping) without getting touched by the rope. If student gets caught in the rope, the turner should immediately drop it. How may students can go through each beat of the rope consecutively without a miss?? May also try in partners. Which class can set the school record?

  11. Diary Of a Wimpy Kid

    Equipment: 4 cones, 1 large bucket of water, 30 cheese like sponges.

    The object of the game is to be the last person without the "cheese touch." One player has the cheese touch first, the sponge. They tag other students with the sponge. Once they are tagged, they have the cheese touch and they will get a sponge continue the game. The last person to get a sponge is the new tagger.

  12. Hop on Pop

    Equipment: 4 start, 4 end cones, 28 dome cones

    Place 7 dome cones at each starting cone. About 20 yards away from each start cone, place the finish cone. Divide into 4 groups. The object of the game is for entire group to travel to other end and back by stepping on dome cones. On the signal, "hop on pop", the first player will place a dome cone on the ground, step on it and then place the next one down. If a player falls off they move to the end of the group. Students will have to stand on a dome cone while passing the last one up the line to the front.

  13. Captain Underpants

    Equipment: 4 pairs of huge boxer shorts (XXL so they will fit all students), 4 capes (use sheets or towels), 4 cones, 4 buckets of water, 4 small cups

    In the book, when the principal hears fingers snapping, he turns into Captain Underpants. When a cup of water is dumped on his head, he turns back into the principal, Mr. Krupp. Divide into 4 groups, starting by the cone with a cape and boxers. At other end, place the bucket of water and small cup. On the signal to go, which is snap of fingers, the first students put on boxers and capes and run to opposite cone. When they arrive, they pour a cup of water on head, take off cape and run back to next person.

    Submitted by Bonnie Rodgers who teaches at Crestview Elementary in Carlisle, PA. Additional authors for this idea were Laura Larsen, Sean Lehman. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/5/2014.
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    Once Upon a Field Day

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    Lynn Marvel

    Love the ideas. Wondering where you got the rubber monkeys and can you explain the harry potter game better. I am confused how to make the noodle. It says the students sits on the noodle?

    Thank you.

    Lynn Hefele

    We are having a Curious George Field Day. Where did you get your rubber monkeys?

    Steve Lehman

    Awesome job incorporating literacy across the broader curriculum! I will pass this on to my PE teacher! Well done!

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