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Name of Activity:

Modified Badminton Baseball

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is provide students with an opportunity to practice various badminton skills in a game-like situation.


Short and long serve, Overhead clear, Drop Shot and Smash.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Several badminton courts with nets (depending on number of students), 6-9 shuttle cocks, and a racket for each student.

Description of Idea

This activity is best done with smaller classes in a big playing area.

Three to four students will play on each side of the net (side A and side B). Side A will play the field and use a designated pitcher (server). The pitcher must serve the shuttle cross court, in play to the receiver (batter). The batter will strike the shuttle cock, if in play using either a clear, smash, or drop shot. A shuttle which lands in the front court (net to midcourt) is a "single". A shuttle landing in the back court (midcourt to short end line)is a double. In the doubles alley is a triple, and within the end line (singles and doubles service end line) is a home run. Score will be kept using "ghost runners".

Some rules:

1. The pitcher and teammates will all stay in-bounds on their side of the court.

2. The batters can only enter the court when it is their turn to hit.

3. If the pitcher does not serve the shuttle in bounds properly it results in a walk.

4. If the batter hits the shuttle into the net or out of play it is an out.

5. If the batter swings and misses an in-bounds serve, it is an out.

6. The players in the field with the pitcher can use their racquet to catch the shuttle in the air. If the shuttle is caught cleanly (without hitting the ground) with the racket, it is an out. If the field player tries to catch the shuttle and is unsuccessful, the runner advances to the closest base where the shuttle would have landed.

7. 3 outs per side/per inning.


Lighter paddles, lower nets, smaller surface area, and lighter shuttles or balloons that will float longer in the air.

Assessment Ideas:

Each student could be assessed on their ability to perform fundamental badminton strokes such as the serve, clear, drop, and smash.

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Modified Badminton Baseball

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