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Name of Activity:

Feed the Frogs

Purpose of Activity:

To practice the proper hand dribbling technique while stationary and while moving around the gym.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Hula hoop for every student, 15-20 poly spots, and a playground ball for every student.

Description of Idea

Each student will have a hula hoop scattered around the gym. The hula hoops are the "Lilly Pad" for the frog and will be the starting and transition point for the game. There will also be poly spots scattered around the gym. Make sure to have one for each student. The poly spots will be used as "flies" to "feed the frogs."

Upon the teachers direction, have the students dribble inside their "Lilly Pad" to start. Then the teacher calls out "frogs, its feeding time!" Then the students dribble around and try to dribble on as many "flies" as they can in an allotted time usually 2-3 minutes. Then the teacher calls out "Frogs, Find a new Lilly Pad" at which point the students dribble and stand in a different hula hoop. The game then repeats at having the students dribble inside their hula hoops.

Make sure you are helping the students by watching and giving feedback about their dribbling skills.


Have the student high five or wave to their frog friends as they dribble on flies.

Teaching Suggestions:

Have the children walk to start off. As they improve ask them to jog.

Submitted by Travis Heiman in Columbus, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/7/2013.
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Feed the Frogs

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