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Name of Activity:

Locomotor Trick or Treat

Purpose of Activity:

To have students practice various locomotor skills and pathways, in a fun holiday activity.


Students need to know the various locomotor skills and pathways.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Enough containers (buckets, sturdy bags, etc.) for 1/2 the number of students, assorted tangible items such as beanbags, hacky sacks, rubber manipulatives.

Description of Idea

Set up:
Place containers on one side of the gym or playing area. These represent trick-or-treat baskets. Put students in groups of 2, or 3 if there is an odd number. Place all the tangible items on the other end of the playing area. Students will begin the activity on the side that has the containers.

Tell students they are trick-or-treating with their partner, attempting to get as many items as possible. Each item is worth one point. Explain to the students that they must move across the playing area, by performing the locomotor skill and pathway that the teacher announces. They are to retrieve the "treats" and bring them back to their team's bucket, one item at a time. When one item is retrieved, the partner goes to get another, until all items are picked up. Have students count how many items they have in their goody bags. To avoid competition, don't have them announce aloud how many, but tell them to remember the number so they can try to improve their score during the next round.

Locomotor skills:
Skip, walk, gallop, run, slide, jump, hop, and leap.
Zig-zag, curved, and straight.


For a more advanced version of this game, include the crab walk skill in which they have to bring the item back on their stomach, the bear crawl skill in which they have to carry the item on their back, and the jumping skill in which they have to bring the item between their feet while they jump.

Assessment Ideas:

• Ask essential questions when the students are lined up to leave the gym. Ask what the locomotor skills were that they performed and what the different pathways were.
• Hold up a sheet of paper which has pictures of various locomotor and non-locomotor skills, and ask students which are the locomotor skills. Students can say what they are, or if time, give them each a sheet to circle the pictures that are the locomotor skills.
• Use a checklist to assess students in some of the locomotor skills, checking for mature form.

Teaching Suggestions:

Give the students two or three trials of this activity, so they can experience the chance to see if they improved, and also to allow for more time to observe the skills of the students.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities can partner up with an able-bodied student and work together to bring back one item together.

Submitted by Andrew Riddick who teaches at Gatesville Elementary School in Gatesville, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/24/2013.
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Locomotor Trick or Treat

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