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Name of Activity:

The heart of bullying

Purpose of Activity:

To examine why bullies bully others and to try to build self esteem and to know what to do if you are being bullied. To find positive ways to deal with your feelings if you are being bullied.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

5 note books, 10 pencils or pens, 5 newspaper clippings of bullying (can be the same clipping copied), mirrors, several packs of sticky notes, poster board, markers, poems over bullying, Not a victim print out(can look up on the enternet - how not to be a victim of bullying), string, scissors, and beads.

Description of Idea

Bullying stations-

Station 1: news clips of bullying (7 min)
- Have students read the news articles
- Have students write in a journal what they think the student must have been feeling. For higher level thinking- have the students write from the student in the article's perspective.

Station 2: Poem (7 min)
- Have students read a poem about bullying
- Have students then write words on the poster board about how the person that wrote the poem felt. Ex. Sad, scared, alone, hurt
(after all the groups have gone it should look like a collage of words.)

Station 3: Mirrors (7 min)
- Have students look into a mirror
- Have students reflect on themselves:
- Have I ever been bullied?
- How did I feel?
- Would I want others to feel that way?
- Have I bullied someone else?
- Why did I do it?
- Have students write put-ups (nice things to say to others or something they like about themselves) on sticky notes and stick them to the wall.

Station 4: You teach others how to treat you- Oprah (7 min)
- Have the students read ways to not be a victim of bullying. (not a victim print out)
- Have students make bracelets to help them remember that they are not a victim. (normally best if it's just one word- ex. Strong)

Discussion Questions

* Have students return to their desks and peer discuss (buddy talk) about which station they liked best and why.

* Ask students why they think some people bully.

* Have students read the put-ups from station 3 and tape them over the hurt filled words on station 2. Demonstrating that kindness covers and can heal.

* Ask students what they think they could do as a class or a school to limit or stop bully. Ask if they think the school is doing a good job on it now or if we could do more.

Assessment Ideas:

You could type out the questions discussed in class and have the students answer them on paper before you talk about them outloud in the room.

Teaching Suggestions:

It is best if you spread the stations around the room to allow space for the different groups. Be sure to have the stations clearly numbered and have the directions taped up at the stations for everyone to see. It would also be a good idea to have a rubric at the stations stating what level of work you expect to see from the students. Ex. a writing rubric at the journal station stating that you are looking for correct spelling and such and for them to sign their name.

Let students know that this is not play time. This is personal time. There should be no talking to others during the stations. There will be time for talking with our friends at the end of class. I like to even dim the lights and turn on some soft music.

The main issue with this Lesson Idea is time. It may need to be broken up into two lessons in order to get through the stations. Another consideration would be to eliminate one or more of the stations.

It would be great to include your school's guidance counselor as well, if you are lucky enough to have one. Doing so would make for a great co-curricular activity.

Submitted by Meagan Green who teaches at Western Yell County Elementary in Bellville, AR. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/12/2017.
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The heart of bullying

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Valerie Link

Great activity. The word strong is great, but individuals who are doing the bullying need to be reached equally, and kindness is a character traite that might be a good option they should have available if they feel they need to be kinder, and perhaps not so strong.
Thank you for considering this,

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