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Name of Activity:

STI - Glitter Galore

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is to show students how fast STI's can be transmitted.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Spray glitter. I have used glitter hairspray and it has worked very well. A ball that students can catch(I used a softball)

Description of Idea

The night before you need to spray a ball with spray glitter and let it dry. Once it is dry the glitter will come off on hands when the ball is caught. This is what you want!

I start my class by asking them to tell me anything that students know about STI's. It can be a rumor, a myth, something students have heard, etc. As soon as students raise their hands I pass them the ball and they tell me their answer. I ask for them to toss the ball back and then I either expand on what they said or tell them why it is a myth. I do this with 4 other students (total of 5 students catching the ball and telling me something about STI's). After the last student throws the ball back to me, I tell the 5 students who touched the ball to high five 1-4 students in the class. When the students are done high five-ing they come up to the front of the room. I then tell all of my students to look at their hands and if they have glitter on their hands raise your hand. Most of my class raises their hand, and I am left with only 3-4 students with no glitter. I then tell my students that if you have glitter on your hands you now have an STI from me, your teacher. I explain that the ball represented an STI that I passed on to all five individuals who are up front. I ask the students who didn't touch the ball, "How could you have received an STI from me when you never had contact with the ball?" The answer should be, "They got touched from a student who is standing in the front of the room." I then go through and ask the students who were high five-ed from student #1, student #2, etc. I go on to explain that the activity simulated that I passed the STI on to 5 students who in turn passed it on to more students through the action of high five-ing.

Assessment Ideas:

Journal - 3-4 sentences about what this activity has demonstrated and what you have learned from this activity.

Teaching Suggestions:

Teachers should use caution to determine if STI's is a sex-segregated topic first before teaching. This happens to be in numerous school districts and private schools.

Some classes realize that there is glitter on the ball and other classes don't realize it. If the class doesn't realize that there is glitter on their hands, you can point out that some STI's don't display symptoms right away. So people think they are healthy and safe, but they can still pass on the STI once they are infected.

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STI - Glitter Galore

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Molly Paterson

I think this is a great idea. I am a health teacher and these ideas have really helped me out.

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