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Name of Activity:

Snowmen at Night

Purpose of Activity:

To integrate with physical activity using the children's book, "Snowmen at Night" by Caralyn Buehner, which leads to imagination as students improve their health.


Students should know how to walk, skip, gallop, jump, hop, and run safely. They should be able to do skier jumps and safely manuever a scooter while sitting on their bumper.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

6 cones for station signs, 5 scooters for the sledding station, 5 sets of snowmen parts (cut and laminated) -each set should have three white circles, two black boots, 1 black hat, two arms, and a carrot nose, 5 sets of poly spots, small carpet squares or paper plates to be used as skates, yarn balls to be used for a snowball catch station, supplies for a nutrition station (I use the nourish interactive website on my SMART Board. Food cards to play a version of Go Food also works.)

Description of Idea

Begin by asking the students if they have ever built a snowman. Ask them what is different about the snowman the next day. Brainstorm ideas about what might have happened to the snowman. Students usually share ideas such as it melted, got rained on, or blew over in the wind. After brainstorming, read the book "Snowmen at Night." Explain that the students will do what snowmen do at night at their stations today.

1. Snowman Races - Students practice locomotor movements from one cone to another. The whole group travels at the same time so there is no waiting in line. Stress traveling safely and looking where you are going. The main goal is to get your heart beating faster and to improve CARDIORESPIRATORY ENDURANCE!

2. Ice Cold Cocoa - The students may get a super quick water break and then complete a nutrition activity from Nourish Interactive. I stress the importance of drinking water when exercising along with making good healthy food choices!

3. Whoaaaa...Sledding - The students sit on their bumper on the scooter with their hands on their knees so that no fingers are rolled over. They use only their feet to move the scooter down one line and then they carry their scooter back to the beginning (since you can't sled uphill). The main goal is for students to feel their hamstring muscles working hard for a long time improving MUSCULAR ENDURANCE!

4. Skating - Each student uses two poly spots, small carpet squares or paper plates to be their skates. They skate on the pretend pond as long as they can. Their legs should get very tired, again stressing MUSCULAR ENDURANCE!

5. Snowball Catch - Throw and catch with a partner using a yarn ball pretending it is a snowball.

6. Build a SNOWMAN - Work in partners. Partner A will build the snowman using the nine cut out pieces while PARTNER B does skier jumps. Then they switch jobs. Students doing skier jumps will improve CARDIORESPIRATORY ENDURANCE and MUSCULAR ENDURANCE.


Instead of using physical education class time to read the story, ask the classroom teacher or librarian if they might be able to read it to the class.

Assessment Ideas:

Closure Questions:
1. Which station helped improve cardiorespiratory endurance and how do you know?
2. What muscle did you use the most on the scooter?
3. Who can name a food in the veggie group?
4. Why is drinking water important when you exercise?

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Pair students so that they have a student helper.

Submitted by Marianne Noelte who teaches at Westside Primary School in Quantico, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/19/2012.
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Snowmen at Night

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Mark Ricketts

I'm always looking for a great way to include Language Arts into PE. I modified this lesson a little, using PE equipment to build the snowman, and I am using this during our integrated Arts time which is in addition to regular P.E. class.

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