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Name of Activity:

Four Colors and Corners

Purpose of Activity:

To improve on gross motor skills of skipping and galloping. In addition, the activity reinforces the learning of the colors, red, yellow, blue and green. I


Learning of colors and counting.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Four hoola hoops- one red, one yellow, one blue and one green. Four cones in same colors of cones. (If colored cones are not available, use of piece of construction paper wrapped around a cone). Variety of small items in the four colors - bean bags, fleece balls, gator skin balls, etc. One sign for each cone with the color written out in the same color as the word.

Description of Idea

In the center circle of the gym place all the colored items - bean bags, fleece balls, etc. Organize the students on the line that makes the circle around the items. In each corner of the gymnasium place one hoop with the matching colored cone behind it (e.g., red hoop has red cone behind it). If your cone has a slot on the top, put the sign with the matching color word in the slot. Otherwise, tape the matching color word to the cone.

Students are allowed to take one colored item from the center circle and either walk, skip or gallop (running is not a good choice) over to the matching color hoop to place the colored item within the hoop. Students then return (using any locomotor skill but running) to the cirlce to get another item. Continue this until all the items from the center circle are placed in the hoops.

Assessment Ideas:

Once all the colored items are removed from the center circle, take a bucket and the class to one hoop at a time. First check to see that all the items in the hoop match the color of the hoop and the cone. If one does not match, ask the students to point which hoop that colored item should have gone to. Then place the items one at time in the bucket while students assist you in counting the items.

Submitted by Patricia Ryan-Curry who teaches at Indian Lake Central in Indian Lake, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/9/2011.
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Four Colors and Corners

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rick kearney

do you have a starter kit for pre nursery?
colors,numbers ,parts of the body,songs,games ect.


to the cirlce to get another item. Continue this until all the items from the center circle are placed in the hoops.

to the circle (please correct the spelling)

keep giving such type of lessons


I am currently a student going into the physical and health education field. I really like this idea! It's a great way to integrate physical education with other subjects!

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