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Name of Activity:

Fall Fun House

Purpose of Activity:

To have fun practicing fitness activities using the Halloween theme, while integrating math and language skills.


Students have practiced all fitness activities in previous lessons.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Laminated signs for describing stations, posters for integration activities, scooters, room dividers or appliance boxes, parachute or sheets, small flashlights, balance beams, basketball, cones, mats, paper skeleton, hanging rope, white boards, and face paint.

Description of Idea

Preparation: Before students arrive, have all the stations set up. Use the number of stations that time and space allow. Students should rotate through stations every few minutes, in partners or groups of three.

Directions: When students arrive, explain what activity they will be doing at each station and how they will rotate from one station to the next.

1. Walk Through the Forest:
Students sit on scooters and go through a maze. The maze is created by placing room dividers or large appliance boxes in a standing position with parachutes or sheets covering them so it’s dark. There are also small flashlights inside. Students must scoot inside and count the number of leaves on the interior walls.

2. Line Jumps:
Add together the number of letters in the word "SPOOKY" and the word "BOO." Perform that many line jumps or jumping jacks.

3. Muddy Swamp:
Army crawl across the mats.

4. Frankenstein Walk:
Walk across the balance beam like Frankenstein. Count how many steps it takes.

5. Boo Basketball:
Answer a math word problem and shoot a basket.

6. Find the Candy Corn:
Set cones out in a scatter formation, with one paper candy corn under one cone. With a partner, run to a cone, look under it, and run back to your partner. Try to be the person to find the candy corn first! Look under only one cone at a time.

7. Pin the Wart on the Witch's Nose:
Use tape-backed "warts" for students to attempt to place the wart closest to the witch's nose while blindfolded.

8. Swing Across the Swampy Lake:
Students must find three words in the word “HALLOWEEN” using white boards, before swinging on the rope across the mat.

9. No Bones About It:
Match the body-part words (arm, leg, skull, rib, foot, etc.) with the location on the skeleton.

10. Face Painting:
You will need a high school student or parent volunteer for this station. Students may choose a pumpkin, cat, spider, or candy corn to be painted on their face or hand.

11. Pumpkin Push-ups or Sit-ups:
Spell the word "pumpkin" by calling each letter every time you complete a push-up or sit-up.

12. Build a Scary Story:
Before the class leaves the gym, they must add a sentence to a scary story. Start the story with this sentence: "One scary night, I walked into the pumpkin patch and heard someone scream..."


This lesson can be used for older students by increasing the difficulty of the language and math tasks.

Assessment Ideas:

Before dismissing the students, ask them which component of health-related fitness or skill-related fitness they practiced at each station. For example, "What component of fitness did you practice at the pumpkin sit-ups?" Answer: "Strength!"

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Select students as peer buddies to assist students with handicapping conditions.

Submitted by Jill McDaniel who teaches at Rama Road Elementary in Charlotte, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/6/2012.
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Fall Fun House

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