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Name of Activity:

Find the Rhyme!

Academic content:

Language Arts

Purpose of Activity:

Students will understand rhyming words.


Student must have prior knowledge of rhyming and locomotor skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

12 cones, 12 sets of 3 index cards (In each set of 3, each index card should have one word with all three cards rhyming. A set of three cards should not rhyme with another set of three cards.) Rhyming sets: 1. Blue Clue Flu 2. Sun Fun Run 3. Fine Line Mine 4. Rug Bug Slug 5. Time Lime Rhyme 6. Ring Sing Sling 7. Leg Beg Egg 8. Snow Show Know 9. Black Crack Slack 10. Meet Treat Greet 11. Test Best Guest 12. Soon Moon Bloom

Physical activity:

Locomotor Skills (running, walking, skipping, jumping, galloping) and Nonlocomotor Skills (stretching, turning, etc)

Description of Idea

Cones should be scattered throughout the gym and one note card from each set of rhyming words should be taped to a cone. Students should be scattered throughout the room, starting in their personal space. Pass out the remainder of the note cards to each student (there should be two students for each card). Call out a locomotor skill (skip, jump, run, walk, hop, or gallop). Students should begin doing the locomotor skill while looking at the different index cards on the cone to find the cone that rhymes with the card they are holding. The first student to find the cone should get on a low level and the second student to get to the cone should get on a high level. After completing the task all children switch cards and the activity begins again but with a different locomotor skill.


Put pictures on the index cards so younger students or struggling readers can practice their rhyming. For older age groups, you can change the difficulty of the words so that they rhyme, but do not look the same (Ex:sleigh and bay). For older grades, you could use the same activity but instead of using rhyming words you could use prefixes and suffixes. Students could have the meaning of a prefix or suffixes written on an index card and then they have to find the prefix or suffix that matches their meaning (prefixes and suffixes would be taped to the cones. The students would have the meaning cards in their hands, then they would do a different skill activity, such as jump rope, once they find the match. You could also use a different skill activity at each cone).

Assessment Ideas:

Students can work with a partner. One student can say a word, and the other student can say a word that rhymes with that word. The rhyming words can be recorded on a worksheet to turn in at the end of class.

Teaching Suggestions:

Extensions for lesson:

1. Put two hula-hoops at each cone, and make the students find their rhyme match and then hula-hoop.
2. Put two jump ropes at each cone, and make the students find their rhyme match and then jump rope.
3. Put two basketballs at each cone, and make the students find their rhyme match and then dribble the basketball using proper technique.
4. Put six scarves at each cone and let the students juggle once they find their matching cone.
5. Put four poly spots at each cone - in a square formation. Once students find their matching cone, they must stand on opposite poly spots and practice jumping by jumping from poly spot to poly spot.

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Find the Rhyme!

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