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Name of Activity:

Cow Jumps Over The Moon

Purpose of Activity:

This is a motivational tool to encourage appropriate behavior as a class.


Rules, protocols, behavior expectations and reward criteria need to be communicated to students.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

cardboard cut-outs of a cow and a moon, Velcro/tape, a bulletin board for the cow and moon

Description of Idea

A cow will be Velcro taped to the "ground" and a moon in the "sky" of the bulletin board. 10 pieces of velcro spaced out leading from the "ground" to the moon and 10 more pieces of velcro leading from the moon back down to the "ground". Each day the class has perfect behavior(as established in the classroom expectation rubric) the cow is moved up a space (velcro spot). If the cow jumps over the moon and reaches the ground again by the end of the quarter, students get to choose their favorite activity of the quarter and do it on their last class of the quarter. The cow jumps over the moon and back down to the ground successfully if the class has 20 days of perfect behavior during the quarter. (The number of velcro spots can be adjusted to the number of times you see your class during a quarter or trimester)


If you have several classes in each grade level, a board per grade level can be established or different colored cows can be used. If different colored cows are being used, a set of velcro tape needs to be placed for each cow.

Assessment Ideas:

Check progress of cow on its path. If a cow is not moving, discuss classroom behaviors with your class that keep the cow from moving forward.

Submitted by Scott Hartman in West Windsor, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/4/2011.
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Cow Jumps Over The Moon

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