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Name of Activity:

Jingle Bell Dance With the Crazy Frogs (December 2010)

Purpose of Activity:

The students will be able to correctly remember and perform the 32 count dance sequence, “Jingle Bell Dance,” staying with the music and using jingle bell shakers, if available.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

CD player

Recommended music:

“Jingle Bells" (Crazy Frog Version) from the album: Christmas Songs for Kids

Beginning dance formation:

Students are randomly spaced on the gym floor.

Description of Idea

Introduction: There are 8 chimes in the introduction. During chimes 6,7,8 a “crazy frog” says, “It’s Christmas.” The steps begin immediately after this.

Step 1 – Skaters’ Glide
Counts 1-8 – (counts 1-4) Moving to the R - Step R to side, close L foot next to R and step L, step R to side, touch the L toe next to the R foot. Cue with the words: glide, close, glide, touch. (counts 5-8) Reverse the movement moving to the L – Step L to the side, close R foot next to L and step R, step L to the side, touch the R toe next to the L foot. Cue with the words: glide, close, glide, touch
ARMS: If students have shakers ask them to hold the shakers about waist level and shake them on each count. If they do not have shakers ask them to shake the hands with each count.

Step 2 – Reindeer Stomps
Counts 1-8 – (Counts 1-2) Stomp R foot forward without taking weight on it, bring it back and step R next to L. (Counts 3-4) Stomp L foot forward without taking weight on it, bring it back and step L foot next to R. Repeat on both the R and L side for counts 5,6,7,8.
ARMS: If students have shakers have them use the shaker on each stomp. Use the shaker in the L hand for the R stomp and the shaker in the R hand for the L stomp. Students without shakers can snap the fingers on each stomp again using opposite hand from foot.

Step 3 – Skiers!
Counts 1-8 –Keeping feet together, bring the heels off the ground and swivel heels RLRLRLRL. The hips and body move as if skiing down the mountain!
ARMS: When the heels swivel to the R the shakers in both hands should shake to the L and vice versa. Students without shakers can move the hands in opposition to the heels.

Step 4 – Snow Shoe Marches
Counts 1-8 – (Counts 1-4) With feet approximately shoulder width apart, step RLRL as if you are wearing big snow shoes. (Counts 5-6) Bring the feet together and march RL making a ¼ turn to the L. (Counts 7-8) move the shakers or clap 2 times.
ARMS: When feet are wide the hands are together moving the shakers or clapping on each count. During the 2 marches and the ¼ turn, the hands are not moving. After turning, the students clap or move the shaker 2x as described above.

Repeat the dance to a new wall.

Repeat the dance 8 times (each time facing a different wall). The “crazy frogs” will again say “It’s Christmas!” The class will be facing the side wall so use your imagination and let the class say the words, lean to the front, move the shakers as fast as possible, etc. The dance begins again and is repeated 2 more times.


This dance could easily be taught without the turn allowing the students to face the same wall for the entire dance.

It could be taught as a partner dance in a double circle with each student facing a partner. On the last 4 counts of step 4 each circle will move to their R to face a new partner.

Teaching Suggestions:

This dance focuses on moving the hands and feet together. If jingle bell shakers are available (or shakers of any type) they can add sound to the arm movements of the dance. Each step in the dance has a name associated with winter activities. The names may help the students remember the movements.


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Jingle Bell Dance With the Crazy Frogs (December 2010)

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Susie K Thompson

I am unable to find this song, where can I get it?

Patrick McKinney

Easy and Fun. I will do this with my k-5 grades this week (Dec 19-23-2016). Thank you

Patti Paulson

Where can I get the cd/song?

Miss Melanie

I like the incorporation of "reindeer" "gliding" and Christmas like terms used for regular ballet steps. This looks like fun I will teach it tomorrow morning!

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