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Name of Activity:

Pumpkins on a Fence

Purpose of Activity:

To learn and practice overhand throwing skills in a cooperative game setting.


Students will have practiced proper throwing form by following these cues: 1) Point non-throwing side/shoulder to the target, 2) bring throwing arm way back behind head, 3) step with your opposite foot towards target, and 4) follow through by letting your throwing arm come across the opposite side of your body.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

30 cones, 30 tennis balls (pumpkins), 40 fuzzy fleece balls, 20 mini 6" gator skin balls

Description of Idea

Set up: Place 15 cones in a line along each basketball foul line (spread out from sideline to sideline.) Place a tennis ball atop each cone. Place half of the fleece balls and gator-skin balls on each end line for each team. Students are divided into two teams and will stand at each end line.

Tell students they are going to try to "knock the pumpkins off the fence" of the opposite team. They are aiming for the tennis ball (pumpkin) and NOT throwing at other students. Remind students that "people are not targets." Each team must stay behind their row of 15 cones. The area in between the fences is called the pumpkin patch and no players are allowed in there. If stray balls land in the pumpkin patch, the teacher will retrieve them. The game ends when all of a team's pumpkins are knocked down. Students can set the pumpkins back on the fence and play again, on the teacher's signal. During the game, the teacher will remind students of proper throwing form.

Assessment Ideas:

At the closure of the lesson, have the students demonstrate the proper mechanics of the overhand throw with an imaginary ball. Use cue checklist to see who is following proper form.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

1. Move the fences closer together to shorten the throwing distance.
2. Use a larger ball as the pumpkins (large wiffle ball) so they have a bigger target to hit.

Submitted by Timothy Foster who teaches at Doyle Elementary in Doylestown, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/17/2011.
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Pumpkins on a Fence

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