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Name of Activity:

"Peanut Butter Jelly Time is Exercise Time!" (November 2010)

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Music player

Recommended music:

�Peanut Butter Jelly Time� Radio Version. The song can be purchased on Itunes for $0.99.

Beginning dance formation:

Students are randomly spaced on the gym floor. The dance can also be done in a large circle if no turns are added.

Description of Idea

Introduction � Hold during the words �Its peanut butter jelly time�. Start the dance when the music starts. The introduction is 12 counts.

1-16 � 8 criss-cross jumps (jump crossing R foot in front, jump with feet apart, counts 1-2 � repeat for a total of 8 times, 16 counts, reversing front foot each time) This movement is done during the verse (Where ya at?... There you go�) of the song.

1-16 � Moving to the R � Step R, close L, step R, Tap L. Reverse, moving to the L � Step L, close R, Step L, Tap R. Repeat both R and L movements. This movement is done during the chorus with the words: �Peanut butter/jelly�.

1-16 � Scissors jumps-Jump and place one foot forward and the other foot back (1-2), jump reversing feet (3-4), jump and reverse feet again (5-6), jump with feet together, hold (7-8). Repeat the scissor jumps and hold. This movement is done during the words: �Peanut butter & jelly with a baseball bat�

1-16 � Stomp on R foot to the front, slide the R foot back and step R (1-2), stomp on the L foot to the front, slide the L foot back and step L (3-4), Stomp on the R foot to the front, slide the R foot back and step R, repeat with another stomp on the R foot to the front, slide the R foot back and step R (5-8). Repeat the entire combination starting on the L side with L foot stomping forward first. This is done during the words:�Where ya at� A good way to cue this step is single, single, double or RLRR, LRLL since that is the pattern of the stomps and slides.



STEP 5 � The words will tell you what to do. These steps are only performed once in the dance:
1-4 - Flex knees and gradually lower body and freeze at that spot.
5-8 � Continue to lower body till lower or kneeling and freeze
1-4 � Lean entire body slightly back and freeze
5-8 � Get back up and freeze



The following steps are only performed once:
1-8 Lower hands to the feet as if stretching hamstrings
1-8 Raise hands from the feet to the above the head

The following step is done to a special musical phrase at this point in the song. It is not repeated again.

1-32 Step RLR, raise the L knee (1-4), step LRL, raise the R knee (5-8) Repeat for a total of 7 times. On the last 4 counts twist the hips while standing in place.
1-4 Run in place with fast feet.

Start the dance again and repeat steps 1-4 until the end of the song.


Feel free to make this a 4 wall line dance by adding a � turn to the L each time step 4 is performed. Before the turns are added, students will need to know the �special steps� (those that are only listed as being performed once) of the dance that go with the instructions in the music.

Teaching Suggestions:

This dance focuses on the locomotor skills of jumping and sliding. It is a good way to present to students different ways (criss-cross, scissors) to do a basic jump and different ways to slide (sliding R and L as well as placing a foot forward and sliding it back into place). If the class has discussed the target heart rate zone a beginning and ending pulse could be taken so that students can document the raising of the heart rate during exercise.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Students who have cognitive disabilities can do simple jumps and slides and still experience the cardio-respiratory and rhythmic effects of the dance. Students who are in wheel chairs can do the jumping movement with short pushes to the front and back. The slides can be done with arm motions to the R and L or forward and back.

Submitted by Brenda Goodwin who teaches at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/2/2010.
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"Peanut Butter Jelly Time is Exercise Time!" (November 2010)

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no video

Greta Clark

I agree with a former post. I would like a video of this performed.

Mark from PEC


We have researched this and we do not hear or see the inappropriate word in the radio version of this song. Can you let us know? here is the song on you tube with the lryics and we are not seeing it. Maybe we are missing something?

PE Central


I found it hard to believe that a "peanut butter jelly time" song has an inappropriate word in it. I was going to use this for my elementary school but after hearing the lyrics decided against it. The kids version has the inappropriate word. I was disappointed.


I would love to see a video posted on this dance so that I may implement it in my P.E. classes.

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