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Name of Activity:

Individual Basketball Skills Card Warm-Up

Suggested Grade Level:

3 - 5

Materials Needed:

25 laminated cards with basketball skills that can be done individually with the number of reps to be performed. Music

Description of Idea

I scatter the cards either in the center of the space or around the outside perimeter of the area we are using. As students enter they get a ball and go to their own personal space in the gym.

When the music begins the students run to get a card and perform the basketball skill the suggested number of times found on the card. When they finish they run and exchange the card for a new one. We usually perform the activity for about 6-7 minutes.

Here are some of the Basketball Skills we use:

1. 20 Left Handed Dribbles
2. 20 Right Handed Dribbles
3. 15 Left Handed Dribbles
4. 15 Right Handed Dribbles
5. 10 Left Handed Dribbles
6. 10 Right Handed Dribbles
7. Run 1 Lap around the gym while alternating your dribble.
8. Run 2 Laps around the gym while alternating your dribble.
9. Perform 5 Free-Throw Jump Shots. How Many did you make?
10. Perform 5 Lay-Ups with your Right Hand.
11. Perform 5 Lay-Ups with your Left Hand.
12. Alternate hands while dribbling.
13. Dribble around the body
14. Dribble at a low level 20 times.
15. Dribble waist high 20 times.

Make several of your own! I would use these Skills and then make 2 of each.


- Easier Cards/skills
- Shorter Baskets
- Smaller balls

Submitted by Jason Steele who teaches at Perkett and Roosevelt Elementary in Minot, ND. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/11/2010.
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Individual Basketball Skills Card Warm-Up

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