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Name of Activity:

Emotion Discovery with DDR

Purpose of Activity:

As a result of this lesson students will be able to:
• Identify at least three emotions through movements to music using DDR.
• Understand that emotions or unique to individuals and not all students will express an emotion in the same way.

Activity cues:

“Full Body Expression”

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Dance Dance Revolution game and practice pads, worksheets and pencils, Emotion Work Sheet

Description of Idea


Today we will be exploring different emotions that may occur while moving to music on DDR. Emotions, sometimes called feelings, include experiences such as love, sadness, joy, panic, and anger. Who can name and describe various emotions you may feel while listening to music? Who can show me how you can show emotion while moving in open space (Happy – hands in the air waiving, jumping up and down, smiling with big eyes, etc)? It is important to express emotions in a healthy way in order to live a balanced, healthy life. One way to express emotions in a healthy way is through dance. Feelings can even be expressed to form a fun story in creative dance.


Have students start in Free Play Mode on Beginner level. As the class becomes more proficient you can split the class into two different skill level groups utilizing the split screen opportunity. Have a list of pre-selected songs that may encourage different emotional feelings. Suggestions: “As the Rush Comes” (Sadness), “Look at Us” (Joy), “In the Heat of the Night” (Love), etc…Explain to the students that although they will be using their feet to move or dance to the song; they must use facial expressions and different body parts to express the emotion that the music makes them feel. Tell the students that they may respond to the music differently, and some may feel a different emotions, even for the same song. Students should try to recognize the emotion they are showing using body language throughout the entire song. Play each song one or two times, and have the students rotate to new pad after each song is played. Before playing a new song, have the students complete the Emotion Work Sheet, writing the emotion they expressed for each song.


Review how the students felt while dancing to the music and ask them to provide the different forms of movement they used to express emotions (Emotion Work Sheet can be used as the reference). Was it difficult to express emotion while dancing? Did the different songs make you express different emotions? Did one student have different emotions than another student with the same song? Finally, explain that emotions come from how you feel and that being able to express yourself through emotions is very important in leading a healthy life.


(Harder): Have one side of the class try a more difficult mode (Light or Standard).

(Easier): Have students demonstrate emotions using fewer or selected body parts.

Submitted by Lisa Hansen who teaches at University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Additional authors for this idea were Bennett Smith. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/5/2010.
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Emotion Discovery with DDR

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