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Name of Activity:

DDR - Group Fitness

Purpose of Activity:

As a result of this lesson students will be able to:

• Work cooperatively in small groups to achieve upper body and lower body fitness benefits
• Coordinate “steps” with various group members
• Explore various techniques to achieve increased success

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Dance Dance Revolution Game and practice pads. Practice pads can be self made.

Description of Idea


Today we will be learning how to work together in a group fitness activity using Dance, Dance, Revolution (DDR) in order to achieve lower body and upper body fitness benefits. You will have to coordinate your movements with your partners to play the game. There will be four people to each pad and your group will explore different techniques and body parts to discover which strategies are most effective.

Cues: “Work together”, “upper and lower body”


Begin with DDR on beginner mode (this will be determined by the ability level of your students). Each DDR pad has four main squares that are utilized in the game. Square one is the up arrow, square two is the right arrow, square three is the left arrow and square four is the down arrow. Students will be in groups of 2-4 to a pad. Each student will have a square (s) they are responsible for during the game. After each song the groups on the live game pads must record their score and move to the practice pads. At this time eight more students will move to the live game pads. Students are encouraged to try different approaches (switch hands, switch sides, switch feet, switch squares, etc.) in order to learn which method they feel as a group is most effective.

An effective teaching strategy for this activity is guided discovery where the teacher probes students to assist them in trying and learning alternative techniques throughout the lesson. The teacher should use a probing technique with guided discovery to assist students with alternative techniques throughout the lesson.


Review teamwork and cooperation. Discuss how they students were able to achieve upper and lower body fitness benefits. Ask comprehension questions such as which body part did they prefer to use and why? Was there an approach that seemed to work best? What kind of communication did you use in your group?


(Harder) Have two students in a group close their eyes or turn away from the screen while their peers verbalize when they need to step. Have students use their hands and probe them to clap in between each “touch” on the pad.

(Easier) Allow students to reduce the number of players on each pad until they are able to find success. When using their hands, allow students to rest on their knees when needed.

Submitted by Lisa Hansen who teaches at University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Additional authors for this idea were Tom Watterson. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/2/2010.
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DDR - Group Fitness

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Hi! Page and descriptions are very good. Just missing short video show how looks game. Would be awesome to look at it.

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