PE Central's Portfolio Criteria Guidelines

(To be kept in a 3-ring binder)
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Portfolio Section

Presentation Criteria

1. Title Page/Spine Title of 3-Ring Binder Title of portfolio, your name, dates portfolio represents, picture of you teaching youngsters (or clip art of some sort), favorite educational saying (if it is short), 2" spine (or less) binder with clear plastic cover on front and spine, easy to read, neat
2. Inside Title Page Mostly the same info as in Item #1
3. Table of Contents Make sure it is accurate, easy to read, neatly presented
4. Introduction One page or less, describes portfolio contents, names and dates of schools taught at, signed and dated by you
5. Teaching Philosophy No more than 2 pages, double spaced, no grammar/spelling errors
6. Resume One page single sided resume, accurate, white paper, no grammar/spelling errors
7. Honors, Awards, Test Results No more than 5 awards or honors earned present, nicely presented and mounted on background card stock paper, other
8. Cooperating Teacher/
Supervisor/Principal Evaluations
No more than 3 present, explanation statement included
9. Sample Letters Home No more than 2 letters/newsletters or other communications that went home to parents, done on school letterhead, no more than one page, free of spelling errors, explanation statement included
10. Unused Class Handouts (Informational-not tests) No more than 2 present, blank, explanation statement included
11. Unused Tests and/or Assessments No more than 2 present, blank, explanation statement included
12. Student Work Samples No more than 4 pages (front & back=1 page), at least one elementary and one secondary (for Student Teachers), neatly presented, explanation statement included
13. Sample Unit Plan (s)
No more than 2 present, designed by you, explanation statement, can be PE, Health, or Drivers Ed.
14. Sample Lesson Plans No more than 2 present (can be one health and one PE-your choice), designed by you during, written reflection included at end of lessons, explanation statement
15. Picture Gallery No more than 5 pages (front and back = one page), captions present, neatly presented, explanation statement included. Preferably shows you teaching, bulletin boards, special nights, etc.
16. Your Choice Section:
Possibilities: Misc., Thank You's from kids/
parents/colleagues, Coaching, PE Reform Documents
(Developmentally appropriate docs, Surgeon General Report)
No more than 4 pages (front & back = one page), neatly presented and mounted, explanation statement included.
17. Overall Presentation, Organization,
and Neatness
Portfolio neatly organized and presented using attractive colors and design, Section explanations are presented where indicated, Clip art used on the section title pages, 2" binder or less, Tabs are visible and are typed on both sides, no extraneous materials found in binder pockets or protruding at the top or bottom of binder, page protectors used for all pages and all of same type, binder/page protectors present at front and back of portfolio, free of spelling/grammar errors.

Submitted by Mark Manross who is the Executive Editor of PE Central. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: October 2, 1999.