Title of Bulletin Board: The POWER of Physical Fitness

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Cut out shadow of a person, cut out lettering "The Power of Physical Fitness", 2 rolls of toilet paper, hot glue, 2 pieces paper, pictures of sport balls, border, microsoft word to create quotes.


This is a bulletin board that I created because our school is using Concept Based Units (POWER). The unit that I am teaching is fitness, so I combined the two. I hot glued the two rolls of toilet paper to the board to give it a 3-D look, therefore more attractive. The students LOVED it, and so did my principal. This board may be used in your "fitness" unit or may be used anytime throughout the year because it promotes all the benefits of Physical Fitness. The benefits are: more energy, sleep better, behavior problems decrease, INCREASED ability to learn, improved appearance, more energy, reduce illness and increased life expectancy. Everyone will enjoy it.

The POWER of Physical Fitness Image

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Jonathan Guthrie

Great Idea!!!

Love the Toilet Paper!

Really helps hammer home what we say in class.

Kathy Watson

I thank you for this idea. I will be sharing this with some friends so we can finalize our PE board at school.



Absolutely love this idea!This is my first year teaching physical education, and I will definitely use this idea

Lee Morgeson

Thanks for posting this! Our school theme for next year will be Superheros and your board will be perfect for me to use!

Tammy Shillcutt

I loved this idea and used it at the end of our school year to help inspire our kids before taking their end of the year physical fitness tests. It was a real winner! All the teachers thought it was great! Thanks for the idea.