PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Shoot for Good Character in P.E.

Category: Character Education

Suggested Grade Level: k-5

Materials: Die-Cut Letters, Foam Papers to make basketball court, Thick Printing Paper


My physical education program is based primarily on building character. For each lesson I go over one to two character traits I want to see the students really trying to display throughout the lesson. I also have a rubric for each character trait based on the activities we are participating in that day. I share the rubrics with the students as well before the lesson. One example of how the board is used would be when we do any type of freeze tag activity. I explain to the students that I want to see good patience and honesty by freezing when they are supposed to (good honesty) and waiting to get tagged back in (patience). I stress to my students that having good character will make them more successful in society. My school is also very much into basketball so I thought a basketball-themed board would motivate the students even more.

-The basketball court is made from foam paper portraying a 3D effect -Each basketball has a character trait listed on it that I go over for each lesson

Shoot for Good Character in P.E. Image

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