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Title of Bulletin Board: Shoe/Sneaker Tying Club

Category: Motivation

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: Cut out letters, cut out shoes for students to color, larger laminated shoe cut outs with string, bulletin board/construction paper


We started a "shoe tying club" for our kindergarten and first grade students to help motivate them to learn how to tie their shoes. We pick three students from each class a day to come up and show us that they can tie their shoes three times in a row. If they can do it, they get to join the club and they get a cut out shoe to color in a put on the bulletin board. The students love coloring their shoe, and we've gotten some very creative ones!

The bulletin board says, "Join our shoe tying club, we're on the road to success!" There is a road that we put the students' shoes on once they join the club. Also we have two larger shoes that have strings hanging so that students can practice tying on them.

Additional Information:

One of the rules in the club is if you are in it, you cannot ask any teachers to help you tie your shoe again or else you can't be in the club anymore. This club is definitely helping our students get motivated about learning to tie their shoes!

Shoe/Sneaker Tying Club Image

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