Title of Bulletin Board: Let's Get APPtive

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Construction Paper, Stapler, Markers, Colored Pencils and scissors


The purposes of the "Let's Get APPtive bulletin board is to: brainstorm ideas of how to have fun/play/be active outside of school, show others ideas, integrate technology and talk about healthy apps and promote activity for our fitness logs. I made large i-phones for each grade using construction paper. I then labeled the board "Let's get APPtive" which is a play of words which should really say: Lets get active.I then made a example app of what they should be designing. When the students came to class I showed them an active app I had made and also some apps on the ipad and iphone of how you can stay active. I then had students design their own app of something they like to do that would be a cool app. This activity gave students ideas of how to stay active in an exciting way, it helped them understand what a "play on words" means, it helped them understand technology apps and how to use them, and it also promoted staying active outside of school.

Let's Get APPtive Image

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Submitted by Kevin Bleck who teaches at Hillcrest Elementary in Oneida, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/5/2013 2:15:21 PM. Viewed 14944 times since 3/28/2013.

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