The following are Rap songs 5th graders wrote about PE, sportsmanship, sports or athletics.

Yo, check it out
You can skip, you can hop and even do the bee bop
You can also play sports, exercise and even dance
As long as you can keep up with this dance
This is the end of the song, but don't give up now
Keep exercising, even if there is a frown.

Basketball is cool
It helps you build strength
It's not really violent
Basketball, basketball, basketball
It's cool
Of course it is, now don't be a fool
Jordan, Pippen, Rodman too, awesome
Now, do you think basketball is cool?
I do, hope you do too
Basketball, Cool game!

My name is Dan and I am the Man
I like PE, it is good for me
It helps me learn not to be a worm
PE makes me strong all day long
Baseball, basketball, football,
Hey man, I like them all.

I love to play basketball
To throw and pass the ball around
But what I love most of all
Is to make a basket or two
The shots that I love to make are two point layups and dunks
So, what I am trying to say
Is basketball is the best sport of them all.

I think basketball is cool and fun to play
We play it on the playground everyday
It's really fun to shoot baskets and layups
and a really fun way to pass the days up.

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