The following are Rap songs 5th graders wrote about PE, sportsmanship, sports or athletics.

Sometimes on the playground, people seem to change
Every once in a while, they seem like they are mean to others
And I think that we should all be nice to one another
Also, when they're playing, people cheat in games
Then they get in fights and call each other names
My favorite thing in PE is playing basketball
The only bad thing about it, is when I trip in fall.
The second best thing is playing freeze tag
And sometimes even my classmates seem to lag.

Sports, PE and games are totally cool
Especially when no one breaks a rule
When they do, a problem is born
Fights can break out, and friendships are torn
This is probably not the best way to solve a small problem
that started that day
If you happen to get a little bit mad
you shouldn't make anyone else feel bad
You should probably go up and talk to the guy who started the problem
Ask him why he broke the rule in the first place that day
And how you felt angry in a horrible way
Problems in sports are started in many different ways
Like breaking a rule or using very rough play
Insults is a way, misunderstanding is too
But you shouldn't blow up and make others feel blue
Solving a problem nicely when someone is acting like a ghoul
Can make sports, PE and games totally cool.

Use sportsmanship in your play
Or people will go far away
And they will say "We don't want to play
If we have to play with your taunts of victory and loss"
You took a chance to be the best
And that's OK
But you did it in the wrong way.

AAU is fun because you get to jump and run
Sportsmanship is the way to play the game
Your attitude will never be the same
Dribble, pass, shoot, fast!
What do you need?
Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship, SPORTSMANSHIP!

Don't push, basketball is cool
Don't shove, be fair, keep cool
Basketball is cool, don't push or shove
Keep your cool and then your team will rule!

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