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Name of Activity:

Dancing in 3's (April/May 2012)

Purpose of Activity:

To perform various dance steps while moving together in a group of 3 and staying with the music.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

CD player, iPod or other method of playing music

Recommended music:

Footloose by Kenny Loggins, 15th Anniversary Soundtrack Album

Beginning dance formation:

Students are in groups of 3 forming a circle around the center of the gym floor. They are all facing the same direction. The groups are similar to the spokes of a wheel radiating out from the center of the gym.

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Description of Idea

Introductory Ideas:

* This dance is a fast paced combination done in groups of 3. There are partner changes in the dance.
* If the class does not like holding hands the center person can have a scarf in each hand. The outside people hold onto the center person’s scarves. During the group change the center person takes the scarves with them.
* The movie, Footloose, was originally filmed in 1984. It was re-done in 2011. It is a about a young man who moves to a small town where there is a ban on dancing.

Introduction: Hold for 4 sets of 8

Counts 1-8 –Beginning with the R foot, the groups of 3 run diagonally to the R for 8 counts. They are running at an angle away from the center of the gym.

Counts 1-8 – Beginning with the R foot, the groups of 3 run diagonally to the L for 8 counts. They are now running at an angle towards the center of the gym.

Counts 1-8 – The person in the center and the person to his/her R makes an arch and the person on the L runs 8 steps under the arch followed by the center person turning under the arch.

Counts 1-8 – Repeat the same movement with the person to the L of the center person.

Counts 1-8 – Place R heel forward, step R (1-2). Place L heel forward, step L (3-4). Scuff R foot and hold (5-6). Ball-change RL (& 7) and stomp R (8).

Counts 1-8 – Slide to the L 2x (step L, close R, step L, touch R, 1-4) Reverse to the R (step R, close L, step R, touch L 5-8).

Counts 1-8 – Kick L, step L, kick R step R (1-4) Center person jumps with L foot forward and R foot back, jumps and brings feet together, jumps with R foot forward and L foot back, jumps with feet together. (5-8) People on each side do the kicks also, but jump with feet apart, together, apart, together (5-8).

Counts 1-8 – Repeat the kicks and jumps with the center person now jumping out and in and the outer persons jumping front and back.
The dance is done 2x through. On the second time the following steps are added:

1-8 – While still holding hands, the center person moves back 4 counts and the sides move up 4 counts. (1-4). The dancers reverse their movements (5-8) and come back together. (This step could be called the “sling-shot step” as the center person is getting ready to leave and go to the next group.)

1-8 – Center person runs to the next group. Side persons run in place.

1-8 – Everybody claps 4x, takes hands and holds for 4 counts getting ready to begin the dance again.

Repeat the dance again, but in order to stay with the music the sling shot step is only 4 counts. The center moves up in 8 counts and the dance begins again.

Repeat the dance again, but in order to stay with the music put all 8 counts of the “sling shot step” in as well as the claps and 4 count hold.

Repeat the dance again this time with the 4 count “sling shot step” and an 8 count run.

At this point there are 8 sets of 8 count music that the students can freestyle to and add their own personality to the dance. They will stay with this group of 3 dancers while they are doing this. After the freestyle part the students will clap 4x, hold 4 counts and begin the dance again. They will repeat the 4 count “sling shot step” and 8 count run version of the dance 2x until the end of the song. The last few counts of the song are again a chance for each group to move how they choose for an ending.

Assessment Ideas:

Since there are 8 sets of freestyle movements, the class could be divided into 8 groups and each group could contribute 8 counts of movement to the dance and teach other members of the class their movements. Each class could then have their own version of Footloose!

Teaching Suggestions:

The dance can be taught without partner changes. The student could run in place instead of running to the next group. Once the dance is learned, it would be a fun dance to use for a presentation.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Children with cognitive disabilities can repeat the 8 count patterns several times before moving to the next pattern, and move to every 2 beats of the song.


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Dancing in 3's (April/May 2012)

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Kim Talbot

Love this one! Great job Breanda - I like how you have the video included in the dance descriptions and also provide song selections.

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