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Name of Activity:

Firework Dance (January 2012)

Purpose of Activity:

To be able to perform the combinations to the song on both the right and the left side and to add their own style to each step.

Suggested Grade Level:

7 - 12

Materials Needed:

CD player

Recommended music:

“Firework,” as performed by Katy Perry

Beginning dance formation:

Students are randomly spaced on the gym floor.

Description of Idea

Introduction: This is a dance that will allow students a chance to incorporate their own style and interpretation of the music into the movements. Feel free to change the music to country-western, Latin, hip hop, etc., and ask students to interpret the movements, accordingly.

Step 1 – Counts 1-16:

Counts 1-4 - Facing at an angle to the left – Touch R foot forward (1), back (2), forward (3), and back (4). Move the opposite arm forward and back with the feet.

Counts 5-8 - On counts 5, 6, 7 jump 3x while pushing with arms above the head; on count 8 turn to face at an angle to the right.

Counts 9-16 - Repeat the step, beginning with the opposite foot (L) facing to the right. On count 8, of the repeat, face the front.

Step 2 – Counts 1-16:

Counts 1-4 - Slide to R closing with the L foot (counts 1-2) repeat the movement for counts 3-4

Counts 5-8 - Push R arm up towards ceiling with a flat palm (count 5), push L arm up (count 6), and repeat with 2 pushes with the R arm (7-8). Hips move with the arm movement.

Counts 9-16 - Reverse and repeat the step moving to the L.

Step 3 – Counts 1-16:

Counts 1-8 - Bring R foot in front of L shin and touch with L hand (1). Point R foot to the side (2). Bring R foot behind L calf and touch with L hand (3). Point R foot to the side (4). Kick R foot forward with flexed toe while extending L arm straight up by the L ear (5). Step on R foot (6). Ball change LR (&7). Point with the L foot to the side (8).

Counts 9-16 - Reverse the steps described above beginning by bringing the L foot in front of the R shin and touching with the R hand.

Step 4 – 1-16:

Counts 1-8 - This step is done with flexed knees. Place R foot in front of L while bringing L fist in front of R knee cap (1-2). Reverse, placing L foot in front of R while bringing R fist in front of L kneecap (3-4). Jump out-in-out (5&6). Shoot R leg behind L (7) and make one full turn to the R (8).

Counts 9-16 - Moving to the back – step and lean to the L with the L foot (1), step and lean to the R with the R foot (2) Step LRL (3&4).
Reverse by stepping back and to the R with the R foot (5), step back to the L with the L foot (6), step RLR (7&8).

* The entire dance can now be reversed and repeated. The combination will begin facing at an angle to the R with the L foot touching front and back.


Allow students to research different types of music (Latin, hip-hop, country, etc.) and stylize the dance to go with their chosen music. The movements can have very different interpretations based on the type of music used.

Assessment Ideas:

As suggested in the video, consider dividing students into groups of 4. Ask each member of the group to contribute an 8 count routine to the group’s 32 count combination. Allow each group to teach their combination to the class. You will have an instant complete dance! If your class is large, each group can teach their combination and the class can decide what combinations to use to complete the dance or each group can mix and match class combinations to create their own individual dance!


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Firework Dance (January 2012)

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