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Name of Activity:

Hip-Hop Warm Up Dance


Warm up is taught in chunks. Students need to be familiar with names of traditional exercises: mountain climber, coffee ginder, seat spin, crab kick, mule kick, tripod.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:


Recommended music:

"Who Let the Dogs Out" or other engaging (4 beat to measure) song

Beginning dance formation:

Personal space (enough room to safely perform handstand and coffee grinder)

Description of Idea

Teach dance in 3 chunks of 8 counts without music:

Chunk #1-8 counts of each movement:
-mountain climber: (push up position, switch legs forward and back
-coffee grinder: right arm sideways support, walk in circle 8
counts, switch to left arm and repeat other direction
-seat spin: spin on seat 8 counts CCW, and 8 counts clockwise

Chunk #2- 8 counts each movement:
-crab kick: crab walk position, kick alternating legs 8 times
-mule kick: flip over from crab walk position and kick legs into
air using hand support (students can try to balance or walk in a
hand stand.

Chunk #3 8 counts each movement:
-1 leg hop: stand up, hold bent leg behind back and hop in circle
8 counts. Change leg, hold, and repeat other direction
-Shoulder shimmy: shake shoulders forward and back
-improvise robotic movements
-tripod balance: end in a tripod balance, see which student can
hold the balance until the music ends.


Let students teach their own hip-hop moves in chunk #3.

Time the length of each exercise to phrase changes in the music.

Submitted by Alice Stratton in Cleveland Heights, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/14/2006.
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Hip-Hop Warm Up Dance

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