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Name of Activity:

Race to 100 in Volleyball

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of this activity is to show students the importance of using more than one hit in a traditional game of volleyball


Students must be competent and confident in the basic skills associated with volleyball - bumping, setting, spiking, and serving.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One volleyball per court (can be larger and softer than real volleyball), volleyball net, volleyball lines on gym floor.

Description of Idea

In Race to 100, students will play volleyball and use all of the traditional rules associated with the game. While the point is being played, the teacher will count out loud each time the ball is hit, regardless of which team strikes it. For as long as the rally and point last, the teacher will continue to count until one team wins the point. If the ball has been hit 15 times, and then team 1 wins the point - team 1 will receive 15 points. The first team to 100 will win. Students will see that if they pass and use multiple hits on their own side, points will accumulate and teams can score in large amounts.


If one team gets really far behind, the teacher can change up the ball - either a real volleyball or a ball that is different in size - and have this be a "moneyball". Anytime the moneyball is used, whatever point total is won by a team, this score will be doubled to hopefully allow the losing team to catch up in total score.

Teaching Suggestions:

After seeing the importance of using multiple hits in volleyball by playing Race to 100, students will then play another game of volleyball, one with traditional scoring. The teacher will see if students continue to pass and use their teammates, just as they did in Race to 100.

Submitted by Kelly Lane who teaches at Liberty Bell Middle School in Johnson City, TN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/23/2014.
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Race to 100 in Volleyball

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Will you please write about the point system i am confuse with your description about game.

Kim Karaman

This is a great volleyball variation. My co-worker and I tried something similar to improve the passing and setting of the ball. We played a 1-2-3 point system. We count every hit as a point. For example; if my team had 3 hits before they hit it over and we won the point, then we receive 3 instead of 1 point. We keep the Rally Scoring so only the team that wins the point will receive the extra points. This helps to encourage the passing and setting of the ball. It worked well with our high school students.

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