Physical Education Film: No Excuses Full Length Documentary

Title: No Excuses
Video Length: 61 Minutes. 11 Seconds
Description: "In the new documentary No Excuses!, follows the transformation of thephysical education program at the Storefront Academy in Harlem as they go from a "roll out the ball" "gym class" approach to a quality physical education program. Increased physical activity during recess, brain breaks in the classrooms, parent outreach, and cafeteria improvements were also important aspects of this project. The idea was to show "if you can do it here, you can do it anywhere!". "No Excuses!" is a great advocacy tool that should be seen by all teachers, administrators, legislators, parents, and community members. Go to for more information and resources on the documentary, and to learn how you can use it to advocate for your program." Web site: No Excuses! Web Site

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