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Title: The Inclusive Field Day Video
Video Length: 27 Minutes. 27 Seconds
Credit: Thanks goes to Debbie Maronic for submitting this video. Used by permission of Debbie Maronic, NBCT, District Resource Teacher, K-12 Physical Education and Health, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, Florida

The Inclusive Field Day video demonstrates students performing a multitude of adapted physical activities…to promote maximum participation, and fun, for children with and without disabilities.

-By organizing the event into numerous stations, there were virtually no waiting lines, even though hundreds of children are participating at one time. (As a matter of fact, only station with a waiting line was the station inviting students without disabilities to get to use the wheelchairs and hand-cycles typically used by their peers with disabilities!).

-Also, by involving parents, high school volunteers, and peers (all supervised by instructional personnel), everyone, especially the children with disabilities, have the support and assistance they need to get the opportunity to enjoy a maximum amount of activities (safely and successfully); and of course, these helpers, everyone, were welcome to participate in all of the events.

-Even the folks from art and music got involved, as is evident at the end of the clip; and thanks to the field day, the large Egyptian sphinx and pyramid paper Mache props were able to get completed in time for the upcoming school play; as these became some of the official ‘stations’ for the event.

-In addition: Most of the equipment used was acquired with little or no funds; clever use of everyday supplies were used for multiple relays, ropes and ladders for obstacle courses, cardboard boxes for tunnels, donated tires and inner tubes for more relays and bouncing fun…all demonstrating that a great day does not always need a high budget, as this day was certainly a low-cost event.

-Finally; this video was recently reviewed by a current teacher from the mid-west; here are some of the activities she said plans to incorporate immediately into her Adapted PE classes:

1. Target Toss – This is similar to a ring toss that the students were playing this week in the class. What I like about the target is that the bag can land on any colored area and be considered a “good” place to land. When we played ring toss it was either a hit or miss and many students did not make the ringers.
2. Bean Bag: I think this would be good to play for those who have difficulty with throwing because the “face” can be moved up or back depending on the strength of the throwing arm.
3. Parachute: I LOVE this flowing fabric. This can add creativity to any type of movement game when all students are holding and waving parachute. 4. Ladder/tire walk: any activity that requires the students to negotiate the foot placement could work as a neuromuscular activity objective. Some of the more mobile students at my PE class could enjoy this activity.
5. Water Filling Bucket game: This will be a great game when spring arrives here in Illinois. This is the activity that I will include in suggestions for outside fun. I find this activity to promote the social objective of teamwork and cooperation.
6. Crawling through hoops: We have many hoops in our school that can be used for crawling through, especially with those students who would lack the coordination for tire or balance beam walking.

The Inclusive Field Day Video

Used by permission of Debbie Maronic, NBCT, District Resource Teacher, K-12 Physical Education and Health, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, Florida

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