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Name of Activity:

Fun in the Sun

Purpose of Activity:

To review skills learned throughout the year (fitness, manipulative, locomotor) and to kick off the beginning of Spring Break.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Volleyball net and stands, 36" cage ball, potato sacks, hippity hops, hurdles (made of pvc pipe, 6" and 12"), limbo poles, parachute, rubber fish, small play balls (for parachute), scooters, tug of war rope, frisbees, horseshoes and cones.

Description of Idea

The field day is done all in one day. K-2nd comes outside for their field day from 9am to 11:30, 3rd-5th comes outside for their field day from 12pm - 2:30pm. Around the perimeter of the field, the classes have designated areas for setting up their classroom chairs, blankets or canopies. This area is called, "The Beach". Each class decorates the area with signs, balloons, streamers, etc. On the signs they include their team name. (example, Davis' Dudes and Dudettes or Mrs. Scott's Surfers)
As the teams enter the area, their names are announced and everyone cheers.

Each station is run by the ROTC students from the feeder high school. They are a tremendous help, and always need volunteer hours.

Beach time or summer time music is played throughout the field day. Each station is 7 minutes long. After 7 minutes, the music is set up to play the song, "I like to move it" for 1 minute. The students know when they hear that song they will clean up and rotate to the next station.

There will be approximately 6 groups of 4 students at each station.

Station #1-Giant beach volleyball-set up the volleyball net and play with the 36" cage ball. There are no rules, except, keep it up!

Station #2-Limbo (PTA decorates the limbo pole with paint and streamers). To maximize the number of turns, there are a couple of limbo poles. The students start in 2 lines, and see how low they can go. If they mess up, it doesn't matter, it's all for fun. Each time the first person is back at the beginning

Station #3-Dolphin sack race-The students are in relay lines, 4 potato sacks (lines) per class, they jump like dolphins in the water from the starting line to the finish line and return to the starting line so the next student can go.

Station #4-Beach ball bounce-In relay formation, the students sit on a hippity hop ball and bounce their way from the start line to the finish line and back to the beginning.

Station #5-Jumpin' the Waves (Hurdles) PVC hurdles are decorated with posterboard and glitter to look like waves. There are 3 to 4 lanes of 6 hurdles. The students start at the same time and race to leap over the waves from 6" to 12" high to the finish line. When finished, they run back to the end of the line to do it all over again.

Station #6-Boogie boards (scooters)-The students ride their boogie boards on their bottoms only, zig zagging through obstacles of waves (giant posterboard waves attached to various size cones). Depending on how many scooters are available, this can be relay race style, or everyone has their own "boogie board".

Station #7-Ocean Waves (parachute) A variety of parachute games can be played. Start by saying how the ocean is calm (make slow waves), the wind slowly picks up (medium shaking) and then "here comes a hurricane!" (fast shaking). Repeat several times.
Then play popcorn with rubber fish and other rubber sea creatures, and foam balls.

Station #8-Beachtime games-The students get to play either horseshoes or frisbee with their friends in the designated area.

Station #9-Tiki time-Students relax in the shade and rest while enjoying water and snow cones.

After the students have moved throughout all of the stations, there is a tug of war contest called "Tug boat". Each class competes against several other classes. Then there is a teacher versus parent contest.

Submitted by Jamie Crawford who teaches at Timber Lakes Elementary School in Orlando, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/25/2010.
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Fun in the Sun

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