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Name of Activity:

I See...

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Cones for general space boundaries

Description of Idea

Children are in scattered formation facing the teacher. The teacher says in loud voice, "I see." The children answer in chorus, "What do you see?" The teacher responds, "I see all students moving in any direction without touching anyone."

Children respond to this signal until the teacher again says, "I see...." The children stop and answer, "What do you see?" The teacher responds with a new challenge-locomotor skills, bend and stretch, animal movements, and/or twisting actions.

Make sure you have the kids practice saying "What do you see" in chorus. It is a lot more fun for you the teacher and the kids.

The following activity is taken from the book entitled "Children Moving: A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education" authored by George Graham, Shirley Holt/Hale, and Melissa Parker. McGraw-Hill Publishing has granted exclusive permission to PE Central to reprint this activity. Further reproduction of this task is strictly prohibited unless permission is obtained from McGraw-Hill.


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I See...

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Previous Comments:

Ruth Soppet

I think this is a good variation for warm up activity. I have used the same book for referring to ideas and goals

Michael Francis

I agree with Abbey. Have you considered scatter hula hoops and/or cones to make it more challenging for the students or minimizing the amount of space they have to move around?

Diane Fish

Kids loved it. Used it in second grade. We were studying Native Americans, and they had learned some Lakota words such as Badger - Hokala; Eagle - Wanbli; Horse - Sunkawakan, etc. So "I see students moving around without touching each other like a Wanbli, etc. It was fun.


I really enjoyed watching the children being active.


An easy lesson plan that can include all learning domains.


What do you do in it? I think it's kind of boring for third graders.

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