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Name of Activity:

Recording/Calculating Heart Rate

Purpose of Activity:

To test student's ability to record their heart rate using a Heart Rate Monitor and to help students discover several activities that will enable them to reach their target heart rate zone.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Recording Heart Rate Handout

Description of Idea

Directions: Record your beats per minute (BPM) using your Heart Rate Monitor immediately after each activity then respond to the statements and questions at the bottom of the sheet.

Activity BPM

Sitting Down
Walking (100 meters)
Jogging (100 meters)
Jogging (400 meters)
Sprinting (100 meters)
Jumping Rope (30 seconds)
Jumping Rope (2 minutes)
Wall Squat (1 minute)

1) Which activity resulted in the highest BPM? _________________________

2) Calculate your target heart rate zone. Provide the equation and answer in the space below.

3) List the activity or activities that allowed you to reach your target heart rate zone.
____________________ ___________________
____________________ ___________________
____________________ ___________________
____________________ ___________________

Name: _____________________ Date: ______________

Teaching Suggestions:

-This assessment is designed to be implemented outdoors (track) using activity stations.
-Students should be placed in groups no larger than three or four.
-Students should complete the BPM Chart during class and complete the rest as a homework assignment.
-Collaborate with health education teacher(s) to help stress the benefits of staying within the target heart rate zone during exercise.
-Discuss HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with students and how it relates to heart rate.
-Add, remove or modify the activities based on available resources and student's interests.
-Use other methods of recording heart rate that don't require Heart Rate Monitors.

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Submitted by Thomas Nenos in Ridge, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/24/2009.

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