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Name of Activity:

Physical Activity Log

Purpose of Activity:

To promote physical fitness and exercise beyond the physical education classroom.


Basic math skills (multiplication and division)

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Physical Activity Daily Journal (PDF)
Calorie Conversions (PDF)
Calories Converted Part 2 (PDF)

Description of Idea

For one week, each student must keep a log of his/her daily physical activity. The student must engage in at least 15 minutes of physical activity for a minimum of five days. Some of the activities the students may engage in are listed on the back of this sheet. Also listed on the back of this sheet are the average calories used per hour for a variety of activities. After engaging in physical activity, the student must determine the number of calories expended during the activity chosen.

For example, if a student who weighed 100 pounds surfed for 15 minutes, then he/she would look on the back of this sheet and determine that he/she expended approximately 416 calories in one hour while surfing. Since the student only engaged in the activity for 15 minutes, the student would need to divide the amount of calories used in an hour (416) by four because there are four 15 minute intervals in one hour. Therefore, 416 divided by 4 = 104 calories expended in 15 minutes.

Each daily log should include the following:

1. Date, time, and length of the activity.
2. A brief description of the daily activity.
3. The amount of calories expended (according to the back of this sheet).
4. A parent signature.

Physical Activity Daily Journal (PDF)

Calorie Conversions (PDF)

Calories Converted Part 2 (PDF)


For some students, you may want to require fewer days of activity outside the classroom.

Assessment Ideas:

Students will log the activity on the handout provided, which will demonstrate whether or not the student participated in the required amount of activity and also whether or not the calories expended was determined.

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Submitted by Emily Dobson in Cordova, TN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/18/2010.

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good idea and activities. i would like to learn how may we sure students perform and write it without cheating? and how may we sure the sign belongs parents?