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Name of Activity:

Circuit Training Surprise

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Large activity area, large balloons, markers/pens, paper and/or index cards (colored if possible), tape or CD player, up-tempo or age appropriate music, jump ropes, dumbbells (ranging from 2 - 10 lbs), dynabands

Room Set Up: Before students arrive at class blow up balloons with activity cards in them. Need enough balloons for each student in the class. Place balloons in hefty bags and put them in the center of the room designated by cones. Students are not allowed to enter this center area until teacher says so. Have the equipment above spread out in a safe manner on the sides of the playing area.

Description of Idea

To begin the activity have the students move throughout the activity area to the music and using their teachers choice of locomotor pattern (i.e., galloping, skipping, jogging, walking, etc.). When the music stops (or on the teachers signal), the students go to the middle of the playing area, get a balloon, pop the balloon by sitting on it (or another way that you have designated). They then read the activity card that is contained in the balloon. Examples of activities to put in the balloons are:

  • dynaband arm stretches
  • dumbbell arm curls
  • abdominal crunches (e.g., sit ups)
  • modified or regular push ups
  • jump rope
  • dance
  • stretching

The necessary equipment should be placed in various areas of the room so that each activity has a designated station with enough space for students to comfortably and safely work in. The length of time the students perform the traveling and then the stationary activity should be for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute intervals. Once the time for the stationary activity is up, during the rest time, have students trade pieces of paper to get a new activity. Once again, a new form of traveling should take place until the music stops again. Students should then perform a new stationary activity. Continue this pattern until all students have experienced each of the activities.

* to help students differentiate which tasks they have and have not done, color code the paper messages along with the balloon color.

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Circuit Training Surprise

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This is what we are doing in P.E tommorow.


I absoutly love this idea. It's fun just thinking about modifying it for my older students and trying it out. Thanks.


Are you having previous class blow up the balloons for the next class? A lot of work for a teacher. What about putting some "total body" and "lower body" exercises in the circuit.

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